Occupational Health & Safety Program

The Auburn University Department of Risk Management and Safety (RMS) is charged with ensuring that all activities conducted on our campus protect the environment and the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  RMS manages the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program for animal users and the On the Job Injury (OJI) Program for reporting of injury, exposure, and incidents.

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Donna Tucker
Animal Programs Safety Specialist, RMS

Holly Leverette                  Risk Management Specialist II, RMS


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Risks Associated With the Use, Care and Handling of Live Vertebrate Animals:
Every individual who will conduct procedures as well as daily care and maintenance involving animals must enroll in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program and complete OHS Training.  Animal Research Protocols will not be approved without enrollment and completion of all training requirements as described in the Training section of this website.
Every person working with animals should be aware of the potential dangers associated with animal contact. These include but are not limited to: animal bites, scratches, and kicks; allergens; pathogenic organisms; and parasites.  If you have health/safety concerns, you are urged to talk to your supervisor immediately or contact the OHS Specialist listed above or the Office of Research Compliance for advice and assistance. 

The following links will assist you in assessing the risks associated with your activities and minimizing or preventing injury or illness as a result of those activities.

OHSP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)- Guidance for the Use of Hazardous Agents:
OHSP Resources:
  • Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Animals in Research (1997)
  • Zoonoses of Occupational Health Importance in Contemporary Laboratory Animal Research, Hankenston, et al., Comparative Medicine 53(6):579-601, December, 2003.
Specific Health Issues Associated With Animal Care and Use:
Reporting Incidents, Injuries, and/or Hazardous Exposure
Any occupational injury, hazardous exposure, or other safety incident should be reported in accordance with the policies and procedures of the RMS.  RMS provides the following guidelines for reporting an On the Job Injury.
On-the-Job Injury (OJI) Program/Reporting:
Administration of the OJI Program is contracted with an outside agency who assigns a claim manager to handle routine administration of claims.  RMS maintains oversight of the outside agency.  Claim management will include working with the injured employee, medical providers, and University representatives to seek appropriate medical treatment for the injured/ill employee, and assist in returning the injured/ill employee to work.  Report On-the-Job Injury claims at https://cws.auburn.edu/rms/pm/claims

>>Report a new On-the-Job-Injury claim at https://cws.auburn.edu/rms/pm/claims