Required Training

►Human Subjects Research (HSR) Training Requirement.  

  • Who Must Train.  All IRB Members, Faculty Advisors and Key Personnel must complete web-based HSR Training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) at the University of Miami. 
  • Training Process.  The CITI HSR enrollment process was updated in May, 2015.  
    • For IRB Protocol Approval, you must complete:
      • 1. A basic course determined by your role and activities, and
      • 2. Additional modules based on your research.
    • Your training requirements are determined based on choices you make in the CITI HSR enrollment process. 
  • Protocol Approval.  To have a protocol approved, you must attach a CITI Course Completion Report.
  • Training Maintenance.  Training must be completed every three (3) years. 

►Completing HSR Training. 

  • New CITI Users.  To help you register and enroll in the appropriate HSR courses, instructions are available on the CITI website.
  • Previously Registered CITI Users.  If you need to add HSR training, login to CITI, click on "Add a Course or Update Learner Group," and add the appropriate HSR courses. 

►Transferring Training Credits to Auburn University.

If you would like to receive credit at Auburn University for CITI HSR modules previously taken at another institution, follow these CITI requirements to affiliate with AU and transfer credit. Modules transferred may or may not match the required modules in the AU course you select.  You may need to complete additional modules to get full credit for the AU course.

►Completing Additional Training.

In addition to HSR training, other training courses may be required for conducting your research. You may determine the necessity of additional training by consulting other pages on this Research Compliance website.  All training is available through CITI.