What is a compass?

It certainly is a tool to help navigate the immensity of the oceans or the pathways of the earth.  It can also mean to achieve; attain; accomplish.  The “Compass” program at Auburn embraces both meanings as we try to guide research administrators through the myriad channels of knowledge they need to perform their job e.g. enhancing and improving support provided to researchers .  Proceeding from the quote by Henry St. John “Truth lies within a little and certain compass, but error is immense”, the Compass Curriculum instills a heightened sense of responsibility in its participants to perform their job at the highest level. 


New NCURA Webinar Available: Designing and Implementing Training Programs for Your Institution. This webinar provides great techniques, tools, and tips on how to plan and structure training.

Robert Holm, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Proposal Services & Faculty Support

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