The IP Exchange



The Intellectual Property Exchange (The IP Exchange or IPX) serves as the link between the commercial marketplace and Auburn University faculty. IPX offers Auburn researchers expertise and guidance regarding the protection of intellectual property, including patents and copyrights, and in seeking licensing agreements with commercial entities to take Auburn research developments into the marketplace for the public benefit.

Services provided by IPX include:                                                          

  • Evaluation of intellectual property disclosures
  • Management of the patent, copyright and trademark processes
  • Marketing of Auburn’s innovations
  • Working with start-up companies licensing Auburn technologies
  • Negotiation of confidentiality, material transfer, collaboration and licensing agreements with industry and other research institutions
  • Innovator Portal: Disclose and track your IPX activity online
  • All available Auburn technologies in a master list.

The IP Exchange
formerly Innovation Advancement and Commercialization

570 Devall Drive, Suite 102 (map)
Auburn, Alabama 36832

Phone : 334.844.4977 

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