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Auburn University announces official Vapor Wake designation program

Auburn University announces official Vapor Wake designation program

By Leslie Chapman
July 03, 2023 @ 4:28 p.m.
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Auburn University’s Intellectual Property Exchange (IPX) in coordination with the College of Veterinary Medicine is rolling out an official designation program for entities that have licensed Auburn’s patented Vapor Wake technology.

Vapor Wake is a unique approach to canine detection developed by researchers and canine training experts in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Canine Performance Sciences program. It is a scientifically based method for selecting, training and employing dogs to detect hand-carried and body-worn hazardous materials such as improvised explosive devices.

With Vapor Wake detection, a dog samples vapors emanating from people in public spaces. When a target odor, such as explosives, is detected, the dog leads the handler to the individual who is the source of that odor. These dogs are purpose-bred and prepared from an early age to perform Vapor Wake detection in high-intensity settings, such as large events and mass transit venues. Simultaneously, handlers receive training on how to partner with these remarkable dogs to create effective detection teams.

Today, Vapor Wake teams are used around the world and can be found everywhere — from train stations, to airports, to stadiums and even major theme parks. The successful implementation of Vapor Wake detection has garnered recognition worldwide, leading to partnerships with law enforcement agencies, transportation authorities and security organizations. 

Given the reliability and effectiveness of this advanced detection technology, Vapor Wake is in demand to safeguard public spaces. To help meet this need, Auburn University is providing access to patented Vapor Wake technology by licensing professionals to provide a range of related services — from training Vapor Wake dogs and handlers to providing certified dogs and handlers who are ready to get to work. Only these designated entities will be licensed to provide Vapor Wake technology and to use the Vapor Wake name.

The first three members of the Vapor Wake designation program include K9 Guild, LLC of Edgewater, Florida, Global K9 Protection Group of Opelika, Alabama, and The Parker K9 Group, LLC of Woodbridge, Virginia.

“The development of Vapor Wake detection technology by Auburn University showcases the institution’s commitment to research and innovation, emphasizing the profound impact that can be achieved through collaboration between academia and industry. This new designation program will serve to broaden those impacts while preserving the unique methodology and practice at the core of genuine Vapor Wake detection services,” said Troy Brady, director of commercialization for Auburn’s Intellectual Property Exchange.

“The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, home to Canine Performance Sciences, is looking forward to advancement of this important technology in the private sector through the Vapor Wake designation program. Program members will make material contributions to public safety and national security,” said Frank Bartol, associate dean for research and graduate studies.

A list of current providers is available online and can be identified by the official Vapor Wake name and seal reserved for licensed and certified businesses. If you are interested in learning more about licensing Vapor Wake technology, please contact Auburn University’s Director of Commercialization, Troy Brady at 334-844 0878 or by email at

Vapor Wake dog in a crowd of people indoors

Auburn University has announced an official Vapor Wake designation program for entities that have licensed Auburn’s patented Vapor Wake technology.


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