Prepare & Submit Your Proposal

This section contains fundamental information and resources that you will need in order to prepare and submit your proposal.  Additional information can be found in the Auburn University Principal Investigator Handbook.


Proposal Basics

A proposal is a detailed request for funding prepared in accordance with a sponsor’s instructions.

A proposal must comply with University policies and sponsor requirements.

A proposal, upon submission, becomes an official record of what AU promised to a sponsor.

Preparing the Proposal

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for preparing the proposal but normally does so in conjunction with departmental, college-level and Sponsored Programs support.

Review the sponsor guidelines carefully. Most sponsors require preferred formats and specific forms. In addition, each solicitation details the requirements for that particular submission.

Approving and submitting the proposal

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the primary office responsible for providing the University’s endorsement and submitting proposals, and for accepting awards on behalf of AU and its faculty.

PIs and departments should allow adequate time for proposal review. Proposals must reach OSP in sufficient time before the sponsor’s deadline to provide full and comprehensive proposal review, approval, and submission.

Sponsored Programs Officers by Department AU Extramural Cover Form (for award actions only)
COMPASS BMP 2018  Field of Science Codes
Limited Submission Policy & Guidance AU 2024 Detailed Budget Template
NIH Salary Cap Guidance AU 2024 Summary Budget Template
AU F&A Rate Agreement NSF-Specific Data Management Plan Form
AU Statement on Principal Investigator Eligibility NIH Salary Cap Calculator (right-click and select "Open in new tab")
Justification for Direct Cost Charging  
Procedures for Withdrawing Proposals, Declining Contracts or Grant Awards or Terminating Contracts or Grants  
Charging Tuition in Externally Funded Contracts and Grants Policy Statement  
Charging Tuition in Externally Funded Contracts and Grants Additional Guidance  

Guidance on NSF-Supported Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia Requirements/Guidance on Off-Campus and Off-Site Research Requirements