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1. Why choose Auburn University School of Nursing (AUSON)?

Auburn Nursing is top notch! We are a growing program that focuses on exemplifying excellence in teaching, service/outreach, and research. Currently, our NCLEX rating is above state and national averages.

2. I have AP/Dual Enrollment. How will this affect my courses my first semester and applying to the upper division?

AP and Dual Enrollment credits are treated differently when applying to our program. AP credits are considered to meet requirements for our pre-nursing curriculum, grades are not calculated into GPAs. Dual Enrollment credits are considered as transfer credits that meet requirements for our pre-nursing curriculum, grades are calculated. Keep in mind that Nursing will not accept any AP science. For AP credit information click HERE.

3. What is the “upper division”?

AUSON refers to the “upper division” as the nursing specific courses commonly taken the last two years.

4. How competitive is your program?

Auburn Nursing is a highly competitive program. Historically we accept 50%-60% of the applicants. 

5. I hear AUSON is getting a new building, how will this impact me?

We are excited to be in our new building. Our new building houses all of our upper-division courses and labs. Advising for pre-nursing and upper division nursing students also is housed in the new building. We hope to grow our program; however, it will be a gradual growth. 

6. How will I know what courses I should choose for my first semester?

All students entering Auburn University are required to attend an orientation session, commonly Camp War Eagle. In your orientation session, we go over all that is needed to know in order to be successful in Auburn Nursing and what courses to register for your first semester at AU.

7. Where are clinicals and when do they start?

We have a diverse group of clinical locations. Locations range from Opelika, AL to Birmingham, AL or Atlanta, GA. Areas included a range from Mental Health, Pediatrics, Cardiology, so forth and so on. We strive to have clinical experiences in diverse settings including large hospitals, small hospitals, clinics, and community outreach.

8. Do you have simulation labs?

Currently, we have both simulation and skills labs. 

9. Should I be an honor’s college student while preparing to apply to nursing school?

Certainly! Honor’s college is a great achievement and has many benefits.  For more information on Honors College.

10. What is looked at when you submit a nursing application?

Currently, we look at the following, listed in priority order. 1) Pre-Nursing GPA, 2) Interview score-more information will be provided on this as you apply to the upper division, 3)Preference given to students who have completed more hours at Auburn University, 4)Health-related experience.

11. I have been accepted by Auburn as a pre-nursing student, now what?

Auburn Nursing is considered to be a two-step application school. You have to be accepted by Auburn University as a pre-nursing student and be in the process of completing our pre-nursing curriculum (see below) before being able to apply to Auburn Nursing. Admission into Auburn as a pre-nursing student is not a guarantee that you will be admitted into the upper division. A separate nursing school application and admittance is required to continue into upper division nursing courses.

12. What if I want to specialize in a certain area?

It is great that you already know what area that interests you! However, for a Bachelor’s in Nursing, we focus on all areas so that you will be a well-versed nurse when you graduate. Your specialization will come after you graduate when you start obtaining experience and continuing education credits in certain areas.

13. Who should I contact with specific questions?

You can contact our Student Services Office with specific questions, (334) 844-5665 or


Student Services Office
(334) 844-5665