About the DAISY Foundation

The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died (at the age of 33) from complications of the autoimmune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Patrick’s family was very touched by the remarkable compassion and clinical skill demonstrated by Patrick’s nurses during his illness, so they created DAISY to recognize exceptional nurses everywhere. The DAISY Foundation is dedicated to saying "thank you" to nurses and is now proud to recognize nursing students for their care of patients and their families.

Learn more about The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Instructors and The DAISY in Training Award at DAISYfoundation.org

DAISY In Training Award


About the DAISY In Training Award

The DAISY in Training Award™ is designed to remind students, even on the hardest days in nursing school, why they chose nursing as a profession. By recognizing nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families, we celebrate what it truly means to be a nurse. We honor the nurse-patient connection that makes all the difference to patients and their families in their healthcare experience and that makes great nurses truly great. 


DAISY In Training Award Honorees

2022 DAISY in Training Undergraduate Award Nominee

Morgan Lindelow

2022 DAISY In Training Graduate Award Honoree  

Mollie Williams


DAISY In Training Award Nominees

Morgan Lindelow

Anna-Brooke Harrison-Hall

Elizabeth Moore

Apryl Norris

Ashley Westberry

Mollie Williams

DAISY Nursing Instructor Award


About the DAISY Nursing Instructor Award

Many students talk about hearing a professor or instructor’s voice in the back of their heads even years after graduation. These dedicated nursing instructors often do not receive appropriate recognition for the effect they have on students, patient care and the nursing profession 


The DAISY Foundation, as part of its service to the nursing profession’s role in patient care, established The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Instructors to provide colleges/schools of nursing a national recognition program they may use to demonstrate appreciation to their nursing instructors for their commitment and inspirational influence on their students. 


DAISY Nursing Instructor Award Honorees

2022 Award Honorees

DAISY Instructor Undergraduate Award Honoree

Ashley Boswell

DAISY Instructor Graduate Award Honoree  

Della Fuller


DAISY Nursing Instructor Award Nominees

Ashley Boswell

Danielle Larkin

Caroline Lisenby

Kris Morrell

Hannah Slay-Caypless

Clay Young

Joy DeBellis

Robin Farrell

Della Fuller