The Moore Distinguished Faculty Award


Dr. Jemelene Chastain Moore: Auburn Nursing's First Faculty Member

The road that led Jemelene Chastain Moore to Auburn University is not typical by any means. She wasn't from Alabama or the loveliest village on the plains, but rather the plains of Oklahoma. She didn't follow in the footsteps of family members who attended Auburn University generations before her, but rather she was the first person in her family ever to earn a college degree. Jemelene overcame countless obstacles with resilience and determination. She may have been born into poverty, but that didn't stop her from earning three college degrees - including one from Auburn - and becoming a part of the history of Auburn University and its School of Nursing. 



The Dr. Jemelene Chastain Moore Distinguished Faculty Award was established by Dr. Moore’s son Hugh, daughter-in-law Ann, and grandson David to honor Dr. Moore, the first instructor hired in the new school of nursing in 1979. The family’s generosity has enabled the Auburn University School of Nursing to commend a faculty member for service and dedication.

The award, presented annually, serves to recognize a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary accomplishment in teaching, research, outreach, and/or service. This is the third year that the School of Nursing has presented this award.

Dr. Eva Dubois is the recipient of the 2021 Dr. Moore Distinguished Faculty award. Dubois exhibits the characteristics of dedication, resilience and tenacity that Dr. Moore exhibited throughout her life and career. During her 40 plus years as a registered nurse, Dubois made significant impact on the nursing profession, nursing education, and the Auburn University School of Nursing.

As a staff nurse, primarily in intensive care setting, she worked in hospitals from Arizona to Alabama for more than 20 years. After serving in leadership roles in hospitals, she decided it was time to share her expertise with student nurses. She began a faculty position at the University of Arkansas, and later served as Critical Care Chair at the Mississippi University for Women.

When her husband moved to the Auburn’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, the School of Nursing was fortunate to welcome Dr. Dubois. Her impact at Auburn has been significant. For 20 years she shaped the nurse practitioner program and transformed the way AUSON views outreach. The unanimous support she has received from colleagues, friends and alumni made her the person of choice for the award.

A colleague praising her dedication to the nurse practitioner program said, “the program started with only two faculty members and six students. It is now a thriving, competitive program with six faculty members and more than 150 graduate nursing students! She was essential to achieving program accreditation and reaccreditation.”

Another agreed that the recipient was a living legend when it came to preparing nurse practitioners for practice. “She has dedicated her career to ensure all students pursuing a master’s degree at AUSON are ready to enter the workforce and provide excellent, patient-centered, effective care.”

An associate marveled at her work in local, state, and global community levels to drive nursing forward. “She used her skills and expertise to provide care to patients through clinics hosted by AUSON and the interprofessional program. She volunteers at Mercy Medical in Auburn to provide free or low-cost quality care to socioeconomically disadvantaged patients. Her altruism provided free health care to people in Ecuador, living in poverty and without access to healthcare.”

Another colleague noted Dr. Dubois’ tireless work she did as an outreach coordinator, “one of her dreams is very close to becoming a reality with the start of a mobile clinic partnership with the City of Opelika. The clinic will serve the many underserved areas of Auburn and Opelika.”

A 1995 alumnus recalled her dedication to the program inspiring students to do their absolute best both academically and in clinical areas of nursing. She nurtured them and invested herself in their futures.

An excellent mentor for new nurse practitioner faculty, she spends countless hours guiding them through learning to teach online and develop as nurse educators.

“She is the epitome of a professional nurse and nurse educator, and an excellent representative of AUSON,” said Dean Gregg Newschwander, presenting the Dr. Jemelene Chastain Moore Distinguished Faculty Award to Dr. Eva Dubois.

Congratulations, Dr. Eva Dubois! We are proud of you, for your service and dedication to the nursing community!

Past Award Recipients

Dr. Kathy Jo Ellison, East Alabama Medical Center/Dr. Bill Lazenby Professor

This permanent endowment is established in the Auburn University Foundation by Hugh Charles and Ann Smith Moore for the purpose of providing funds for excellence in the School of Nursing.  Because of the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Moore, the Auburn University School of Nursing is enabled to present the Dr. Jemelene Chastain Moore Distinguished Faculty Award.   

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