Welcome to the AUSON family! As a parent, you are just as much a part of the Auburn family as your student. We want to make sure that you feel welcome and involved in your child's life here on campus. We are invested in your student's success and in enhancing you and your student's Auburn experience—making it as valuable, healthy, and fulfilling as possible!

We encourage you to explore the Auburn University Parent and Family Programs site and the links below for useful information about the University and to discover ways to engage with the community.

Advising Contacts: http://academicsupport.auburn.edu/

Academic and Personal Support Services

Study Partners is Auburn's official peer tutoring program and is located in the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of the Ralph Draughon Library. Tutoring services are available for the fall and spring terms. Upper division first and second semester courses offered as well. Call 334-844-5702 for more information, or to schedule an appointment go to http://academicsupport.auburn.edu/academic-support-home/study-partners-home/

This program targets traditionally difficult courses. It offers regularly scheduled, collaborative, peer-directed review sessions. The review sessions are led by SI leaders who attend and take notes in these classes. For additional information, please go to http://academicsupport.auburn.edu/academic-support-home/supplemental-instruction/ or call 334-844-5792.

AUSON provides students with additional academic support through the Student Success program. The program is coordinated by Mrs. Kendall Henderson, Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Nursing. This program is available to provide support to students through individual and/or group sessions. Topics of group study sessions may include the review of test taking strategies, study tips, and preparation for HESI and NCLEX exams. Individual sessions are scheduled appointments and are made by referral from course faculty or self-referral.
Please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for information regarding math workshops and tutoring programs. They are located in 221 Parker Hall or call 334-844-4920
The Miller Writing Center is located in six locations on campus, including the Learning Commons in the RBD Library. They are available for both appointments and walk-ins. Students receive help in organizing and outlining their thoughts or polishing a paper before it's turned in. Contact them at the Learning Commons in the RBD LIbrary at 334-844-7482, or by email at mwc@auburn.edu.

Academic Support is designed to assist students in refining and strengthening the academic skills necessary for success at Auburn University. Services include academic counseling and coaching, Study Partners and Supplemental Instruction, as well as many others. To get more information call 334-844-5972 or go to http://academicsupport.auburn.edu/.

The Career Center is located in 303 Mary Martin Hall. For more information call 334-844-4744 or go to www.auburn.edu/career. They offer the following services: career counseling and assessment; help in choosing a major; developing a personal career plan; building interview skills and finding employment; assistance with resume building and job search skills; as well as finding student employment.

Click here to view the Auburn Academic Calendar.

The AU Medical Clinic at 400 Lem Morrison Dr. offers not only medical care but also individual counseling, group counseling, referral to community resources, referral to contracted psychiatric services, skill building groups, as well as faculty, staff, and student consultation. To schedule an appointment for counseling services call 334-844-5123 or go to www.auburn.edu/scs. To schedule an appointment for medical services call 334-844-4416. Safe Harbor is Auburn University's sexual assault assistance and awareness program for students. Safe Harbor provides advocacy services for victims, counseling services, awareness, outreach, and education. Call 334-844-7233 for more information.

Visit the following Link to Nursing Immunizations Page to get current information on immunizations. 

Looking for a listing of academic programs, degree requirements and details about policies? Visit the AU Bulletin for the most up-to-date information. 

  • You may add courses on AU Access through the fifth (5) day of class.
  • After the first day, you must contact the department offering the class. Only the departments can add students to classes after the first day. Advisors cannot add students to courses.
  • Departments set their own deadlines for adding classes. Some do not add after the first day. If you want to add, you must do it quickly. No classes may be added after the fifteenth day.
  • You may drop a course until the 15th class day with no record on your transcript.
  • From the 16th day until the final drop date, you may drop for any reason and a W will be on your transcript. A W means you were in the course, but withdrew. Although you do not want a pattern of Ws on your transcript, one or two over the course of your college career should not be a concern.
  • Although dropping before the drop date has no academic penalties, you will not get any money back and if you drop below 12 hours it could affect your financial aid, scholarships, or insurance. Please check with your insurance company and Auburn’s Financial Aid Office before dropping below 12 hours.
  • Before the drop date, be realistic about your chances of obtaining the grade you want in a course. Dropping may be the best idea.
  • Also, be certain to check your schedule and be sure that you are registered only for courses you plan to finish. You are responsible for knowing your enrollment status at all times.
  • After the final drop date, you may not drop a course except in the most extenuating circumstances, with documentation and permission from the Dean's Office. Please do not petition for a drop to the Dean's Office unless you have experienced a significant illness, illness or a death in the immediate family, or something similar.
  • You may NOT drop after the drop date because you are failing or do not need the course. Most students seeking to drop classes late only want to do so to avoid getting a poor grade. This will not be approved.
  • Even if your drop request is approved, if you are failing the course at the time of the drop, your professor may assign a WF, which will appear on your transcript and will calculate in your GPA as an F.
In order to facilitate the adjustment of students to the rigors of Auburn University course work, faculty teaching core courses must record in Banner an early alert grade for all students enrolled in those classes one week prior to midterm. This process will allow students to seek tutoring or take other action before the drop deadline. If students have any questions about their early alert grades, they are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor about their options.

Visit this link for current information on the BSN - AU Policies

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