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CAREing Paws

CAREing Paws gives Auburn’s nursing students the opportunity to learn about animal-assisted therapy through classroom teaching and hands-on clinical experiences. The students experience how animal-assisted therapy can benefit the lives of children with chronic illnesses, adults in nursing homes and medical centers, and individuals diagnosed with mental health issues. 

CAREing Paws Across Campus 

This programs brings the CAREing Paws program to different colleges and departments across campus as a source of support for students and faculty. 

CAREing Paws for the Community 

This program brings the CAREing Paws program to various community events within the Auburn/Opelika Community 

CAREing Paws to Support Nurse Health 

This program brings the CAREing Paws program to EAMC and AU med clinic to support nursing staff. 

CAREing Paws for Mental Health 

CAREing Paws provides emotional support through AAT visits as well as a way to engage adolescent psychiatric patients in therapy sessions. 

Project Directors: Stuart Pope (wsp0002@auburn.eduand Morgan Yordy (bmy0004@auburn.edu)


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