Policies & Forms

Starting January 1, 2021, any faculty member who plans to submit an intramural or extramural grant either as the principal investigator (PI), Co-PI, Co-investigator (Co-I) or Collaborator needs to comply with the following timeline. PI, Co-PI or Collaborator is defined as lead investigator and/or project director.

The expected proposal preparation period, including routing through the AU system, is 6 months. If your timeframe is shorter than 6 months, please negotiate a new timeline during the initial project meeting with Dr. Pao-Feng Tsai and AU Research Administrators.

Please contact Pao-Feng Tsai, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor and Associate Dean for Research for further information.
Email: tsaipaofeng@auburn.edu
Phone: 334-844-6807 

Faculty Research and Scholarship


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Sarah Watts
Title: Engage and train stakeholders to participate in patient-centered research to reduce obesity in Hispanic women

Prevalence rates of obesity among Hispanic women in the US continues to increase, placing them at higher risk for the development of health conditions. However, addressing this problem is challenging due to lack of resources and research, especially in the rural South. The project will train stakeholders from Lee County, Alabama, to engage in designing and promoting future research efforts in the rural South. After their participation in the workshops, stakeholders will take part in brainstorming sessions and establish a research community, which will serve as the infrastructure for research efforts once the project ends.

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Katilya Ware
Title: Engaging African American women in the south in patient centered maternal health research

Dr. Ware was recently awarded funding to engage African American women, their families, faith-based leaders, and health experts in patient centered maternal health research. She plans to use findings from this project to develop potential solutions to improve maternal health outcomes in African American women. Information gathered from Dr. Ware’s work with maternal health in minority communities will be used to improve practice, achieve desired outcomes for patients, and increase dialogue between families and health care providers.