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The Alumni Advisory Council primarily serves the College of Nursing to support its vision:

To be nationally recognized as leaders in health, addressing the needs of diverse populations.


  • Educate others about and actively advocate for the school and its academic programs, community service and outreach, and research.
  • Increase public relations and visibility of Auburn Nursing.
  • Build a communication network among alumni about events including alumni activities, alumni-student initiatives, and school events where volunteers are needed.
  • Attend two yearly meetings (spring semester and fall semester)
  • Serve as a link between the school and alumni.
  • Nominate alumni for school as well as university awards, among them the College of Nursing’s Distinguished Alumna/us Award and the Auburn Alumni Association Black Alumni Achievement Award.
  • Offer recommendations and/or make introductions for the lecture series, continuing education, and lifelong learning.
  • Actively support alumni engagement
  • Help build philanthropic gifts to the College of Nursing.

Distinguished Alumni


2023 Karen Harris Frith

2022 Jody White '02

2021 Capt. Ron Fancher '97

2021 Brooke Bailey '99

2020 Dr. Terri Allison '85

2019 Dr. Caralise Hunt '91

2018 Amy F. Brandon '05

2017 Annie Vosel '81

2016 Dr. Jan McAlister '91

2015 Dr. Susan Holmes '81

2014 Joel Shumaker '05

2013 Claudia Henderson '83

2012 Candace Mangum '99

2011 Dr. Angela Green '86

2010 Laura Moore '83

2009 Nancy Meisler '81 

Black Alumni Achievement Award

In April 2023, the Auburn Alumni Association recognized Beaonica Snead Fields for outstanding achievements in her professional life, for her personal integrity and stature, and for her service to the university. Fields’ pursuit of a nursing career began when she completed a healthcare internship in high school. The internship experience inspired her passion for assisting others and delivering high-quality care to those in need.

Since graduating from Auburn’s nursing program in 2010, Fields has gathered over 12 years of nursing experience. The Birmingham native began her nursing career in the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) at UAB Hospital, while also serving on the Comfort Care Team and the March of Dimes Committee. Since 2015, she has served as a certified registered nurse anesthetist at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.

While she worked at the RNICU, she received a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) with a concentration in nurse anesthesia from UAB in 2015, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from the University of Alabama in 2021. Her doctoral research focused on implementing cultural competency training for nurse anesthetists to improve culturally competent care.

Reflecting on her own childhood experience of undergoing a surgical procedure, she vividly remembers the nurse anesthetist who provided comforting reassurance, alleviating her fears and concerns. The encounter kindled a desire to provide the same compassionate care to others and aspire to become a nurse anesthetist after completing nursing school.

While at Auburn, she had another opportunity to participate in INROADS internship program through the UAB Hospital. “Besides helping me gain valuable experience, the internship fostered my ability to grow and develop as a student,” she said. She started the internship by working as a unit secretary and patient care tech every summer until she was accepted into Auburn University Nursing School. She completed her senior preceptorship with UAB RNICU.

According to Fields, her Auburn degree has helped her network and gain lifelong connections to advance her nursing career. “It prepared me with the ability to succeed and to face and overcome challenges. By having a strong nursing foundation, I gained effective clinical, critical care and communication skills that helped me excel in my career. One of the high points of my career was getting accepted into nurse anesthesia school and graduating with honors.

“I am immensely proud of my Auburn degree and the achievements it has enabled me to accomplish in my career. I cherish memories from my time at Auburn University — the lifelong friendships I formed, the wonderful experiences shared with my sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and a solid foundation for professional success.”

Poet Maya Angelou’s words, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” serve as a guiding principle in her life, and a constant reminder to create meaningful connections with her patients, treating them with respect, kindness, and compassion. “I strive to create a supportive and caring environment for each patient I encounter. I am deeply driven to provide exceptional care and make a positive impact in the lives of those entrusted to my services.”

AUCON applauds Beaonica Snead Fields for her triumphs and celebrates her achievements. We wish her the very best in her career.


War Eagle!


 Past Recipients of the Outstanding Black Alumni Award

 2022 Lalah Hasbrouck
           2021 Latricia "Vonnie" Stone

                                2020 Col. Simona Black                             

                             2019 Keith Mathews '09 (BSN), '14 (MS)

2018 Sharon Gess '94

          2017 Christopher Martin '12

           2016 George O. Sneed Jr. '96


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