X-Ray Safety Program

Analytical X-Ray Safety: Training and Monitoring


X-Ray safety training is required for all personnel using X-Ray equipment at Auburn University. Training for X-Ray users includes instruction in the basic principles of X-Ray radiation protection and the applicable policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. Even if you've attended X-Ray safety training at other institutions, you're required to complete specific Auburn University training.

  1. Analytical x-ray safety training is conducted in two parts and must be done consecutively. The initial Analytical X-Ray Safety Training is available on BioRAFT. 
  2. Hands-on equipment-specific training provided by PI or x-ray supervisor. This training must emphasize lab-specific protocols and safety, the security of radioactive materials, and lab-specific emergency procedures and document by completing the Certificate of Training for each x-ray user. 

All personnel including students using x-ray equipment at the university must complete refresher X-Ray Safety Training in BioRAFT every other year. Annual X-Ray safety training helps the Radiation Safety Office keep track of current and/or active x-ray users. Additional vendor-provided equipment training may be required by the RSO.



Personnel Monitoring


To monitor exposures and to ensure adherence to ALARA practices, area monitors will be provided by the Radiation Safety Office. These area monitors must be posted in close proximity of the X-Ray equipment. The Radiation Safety staff will exchange these dosimetry devices on a semiannual basis. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure dosimetry is returned to the Radiation Safety Office in a timely manner for processing.




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