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Now Available: New Online Claim Reporting Tool

New claim reporting toolAccidents are difficult enough to get through, which is why filing incident/accident-related claims should not be… Unfortunately, despite advances in technology, few insurance companies today offer online filing options…

But at Auburn University, the process of reporting your campus-related claim just got a lot simpler thanks to the implementation of a new web-based claim reporting system, introduced by Auburn’s Risk Management & Safety (RMS). This new system eliminates the need for those reporting an accident/incident to have to contact the third party adjuster Cannon Cochran Management Services (CCMSI) through a 1-800 phone number to file their claims.

From anywhere in the world, the Auburn University community can access the RMS website, and, with a simple click of a button, report their incident/accident. The new web-based reporting system streamlines the claim-reporting process, making it easier for the user and allowing for a quicker, more accurate turnaround time on the issue being reported. The new system puts control of claim reporting in the hands of those filing the claim. No phone calls, no waiting for the right time to make contact with a provider, and no hassles.

RMS Risk Management Specialist Brooke Patton said the new system was in the works for some time. “To better serve Auburn University and its community, our transition to this new system will streamline the way employees, students and visitors report accidents occurring on campus,” Patton said. “This system was in the works for the better part of a year, and we are excited to be able to offer this new tool to the Auburn community. Our hope is that the claims reporting process will be much easier for those needing to utilize it.”

Those submitting a claim through the new online system should be prepared with the appropriate information that will make their claim complete, such as the date of the injury/illness and location information for where the injury/illness occurred.

The new online claims-reporting tool is available on the Risk Management & Insurance section of the RMS website. For questions or comments, please contact Risk Management Specialist Brooke Patton at x4-6231.


Need to report a claim? Click here.


City of Auburn issues drought warning, tips for staying water wise on campus

Emergency: Extreme droughtSeasonably high temperatures and little rainfall led the City of Auburn in early November to declare a Phase II Drought Warning, which implemented mandatory restrictions as well as surcharge fees for water usage over a set threshold.

The drought is not restricted to Auburn, however, but all across the Deep South, and has spawned wildfires in east Tennessee and north Georgia that have led to smoke being blown into Alabama. The issue has become a national story, according to

In response to the Phase II Drought Warning, Auburn University Facilities Management has discontinued any university activities that involve washing sidewalks and vehicles, in addition to lowering irrigation levels. The Office of Sustainability and Auburn University Housing and Residence Life requests that students living on campus join the university in preserving drinking water.

The university community should:

  • Save water at the sink. Turn off water while you brush your teeth; wash/shave your face; and/or scrub dishes
  • Take shorter showers
  • Do full loads of laundry instead of partial loads
  • Report any water-related issues, such as running toilets, dripping faucets and/or sprinklers watering pavement


Alabama’s Office of Water Resources declared Lee County under emergency drought on Nov. 1, as the majority of the state is either in the same drought level or drought warning. According to The Plainsman, the last time the city implemented a phase II warning was June 2011. The water demand in August and September this year was 20 percent above the average demand for those months. The state’s climatologist predicted last week that 10 to 15 inches of rain will be needed over the next two months to wipe out the drought.

For further tips on how you can help the university and the Auburn community withstand the drought, visit the Office of Sustainability website. For up-to-date reports on the drought conditions, visit Alabama Extension’s new drought response website.

SGA Town Hall Meeting, Nov. 15 - Risk Management & Safety to participate

Representatives from Risk Management and Safety, Dining, Residence Life and Parking Services will participate in the SGA Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 15, from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. in the Auburn University Student Center. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about these respective areas, and to voice any questions or concerns they might have.

For more information about the Town Hall Meeting, visit Auburn SGA on Facebook.

Meeting location:
Auburn University Student Center
255 Heisman Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

Official SGA Town Hall flyer

Alert from Risk Management and Safety regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones

Due to reports of "overheating" and other safety risks involving the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, Auburn University Risk Management & Safety is advising all individuals in possession of this device to follow the manufacturer's instructions as stated in the following link:

Samsung is asking all carrier and retail partners here and around the globe to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7. Since the affected devices can overheat and pose a safety risk, Samsung is asking consumers with an original Galaxy Note7 or a replacement Galaxy Note7 to power it down and contact the carrier or retail outlet where the Galaxy Note7 was purchased. If you bought your Galaxy Note7 from or have questions, you should contact Samsung at 1-844-365-6197 for further assistance.

Temporary Ban On Hoverboards use in all university facilities

Due to safety concerns associated with hoverboards that have been raised by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the potential impact to the safety of our community, effective January 6, 2016 Auburn University is instituting a temporary ban on these devices.

Until further notice the use of self-balancing devices inside of university facilities is banned and charging of these devices is prohibited in all university facilities (owned or leased). This action is being taken as part of the university's efforts to maintain a safe campus through a comprehensive fire prevention program.  Restrictions will remain in place until safety concerns are resolved.   

Several agencies are investigating fires and injuries related to these devices. This link provides information from the CPSC:

Individuals who are returning to campus via air travel are encouraged to review their airline’s policy regarding hoverboards as most/all major airlines do not allow the devices on their planes.  Taking a few minutes to check with your airline prior to travel might save time and inconvenience while traveling to Auburn.

 As you return to campus after the holidays, remember that campus safety is a community responsibility. Please be aware of potential hazards and be mindful of others by not introducing potential hazards to the community.  Safety tips and precautions from the NFPA can be found on our website here: Hoverboard Tip Sheet.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Risk Management & Safety

316 Leach Science Center

334-844-4870 Office

334-844-4640 Fax

Hover Board Tip Sheet