Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure

Auburn University supports and encourages its faculty and other employees to engage in a wide variety of relationships and external activities that are in the public interest and also of benefit to the University and the individuals concerned.  On occasion, however, this may give rise to conflicts of interest, whether potential or actual, perceived or alleged.  Applicable University personnel are required to recognize and disclose significant financial interests that might give rise to conflicts of interest or the perception of conflicts and to ensure that such conflicts are seen to be properly managed or avoided, with the goal of ensuring, to the extent possible, institutional responsibilities are free from bias and inappropriate influence. It is the intent of Auburn University to manage financial conflicts of interest of its employees as part of ongoing efforts to prevent outcomes that may be harmful to, sponsored activities, operation of regulatory compliance committees, technology transfer efforts, or the University at large. Therefore employees responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research, engaging in technology commercialization, and/or related activities (affected employees) must report Significant Financial Interests and must work with the University to develop a plan to Manage Financial Conflicts of Interest as necessary.

Beginning October, 2019, each affected employee is required to complete an annual disclosure in COI-SMART disclosing the affected employee's significant financial and other interests which reasonably relate to the affected employee's institutional responsibilities.  Disclosures should be updated annually and within 30 days of discovering any new interest or relationship.

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This information will help you recognize when a conflict might exist, how to use COI-SMART to disclose it, and how to manage it appropriately.

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