Salary Wage Transfers
Frequently Asked Questions


What is a salary wage transfer?
Visit the Salary Wage Transfers Home page for details.

Why was I notified about a salary wage transfer?
The system notifies principal investigators and department contacts for actions required on salary wage transfers. If you are not a department contact or an investigator, please email with the email you were sent.

How do you know who can signoff for non-sponsored programs?
The system uses the master contact list, specifically the department heads, admins, and salary wage transfer admins.

The master contact list is wrong. How do I correct it?
Email and request the changes. The deans' offices will need to verify it before it is put into the system.

I need training on eSWTs. Who do I contact?
For now, visit the Salary Wage Transfers Home page and review the Training section. Training classes will be set at a future date.

A document has been completely approved and submitted. Can I make any further changes?

Can I attach a document to the salary wage transfer?
Yes, see the Training and Tutorials sections on how to add a document.

What kind of documents can I add to the document?
Only Adobe Acrobat pdf format documents may be added.

Is there a FAQ specific to department personnel?
Yes, visit the Financial Administrator & Support Staff FAQ.

Is there a FAQ specific to research personnel?
Yes, visit the Faculty & Research Personnel FAQ.