My Funding
Frequently Asked Questions


What is My Funding?
An interactive dashboard, or tool, that provides administration, faculty and staff with real-time financial data on external contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements.

What if I do not have the SSB Menu Item?
Make sure that your Area Computing Coordinator requested the correct security.

What if I do not see my sponsored project?
Make sure you are a PI or a CO-PI. This is done by contacting Contracts and Grants Accounting.

What if I see someone who is not my employee?
It may be that they have a non-sponsored program that is listed from your area. If this is the case, either certify it or correct it with a SWT and certify it. If this is not the case, then the employee's home org may be listed incorrectly. Inform HR and ISS.

How do you know which PIs and CO-PIs I can view?
The system uses the master contact list, specifically the department heads, admins, and salary wage transfer admins. The home org of the PI or CO-PI is then linked back to this list.

The master contact list is wrong. How do I correct it?
Email and request the changes. The dean's offices will need to verify it before it is put into the system.

I am a PI and do not see some of my grants. How do I correct it?
The PI/CO-PI is maintained by the Banner system. Contact CG Accounting to verify you are listed on the grant.

I need training on My Funding. Who do I contact?
For now, visit the My Funding Home page and review the training section. Training classes will be set at a future date.

Do I have to view My Funding to get the information that is availabe in ePrint, SSB, and Banner Admin?
No. The information is still in those reports and forms. My Funding tries to put the information in one place for viewing.

Is FRS indirect cost information included in the cumulative totals?