Effort Certification
Frequently Asked Questions

What if the effcert email goes to my junk mail and I don't receive it?
Because effcert is an official AU email address, it should not be filtered and sent to junk. In order for it to go to junk mail, you will have to purposely send it there when you receive the first notice.

What is "non-sponsored"?
This is any funding that is not from an outside sponsor of a restricted project FOP. Examples are departmental funding for teaching responsibilities, base budget funding etc.

If CGA transfers SW expense due to non-certification, may the department subsequently transfer the expense to another funding source?
The expense may be transferred to another unrestricted FOP, but may not be transferred to another sponsored project, cost share or federal appropriation FOP.

Can we view effort certifications during the quarter rather than waiting until quarter end?
Effort certification is performed quarterly. Salary/wage expense may be reviewed at anytime during the project via labor distribution reports which are run after each payroll.

The percentages shown are taken out to one-hundreths, how can I accurately estimate effort to this degree of accuracy?
The percentages are calculated based on the amount paid from the FOP line in question divided by the individual's total paid amount. You are only expected to estimate effort to within 5%. When actual effort varies by more than 5% of the percentage paid, a transfer will be required.

We have individuals paid on Professional Service Contracts, why are there not effort certification for these people?
The effort certification requirement only applies to individuals paid through the Auburn University payroll system. PSCs are subject to other costing guidelines in OMB Circular A-21.

Are salary/wages charged to Cost Share FOPs subject to certification?
Yes, FOPs subject to the requirement are: Sponsored project funds, Federal appropriations and Cost share - including Work-study student wages.

Is there an iPhone or iPad application available?
Not currently, but this may be developed at a later date.