Effort Certification
Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Administrator & Support Staff

What if I do not have the SSB Menu Item?
Make sure that your Area Computing Coordinator requested the correct security.

What if I do not see my sponsored project?
Make sure you are a PI or a CO-PI. This is done by contacting Contracts and Grants Accounting.

What if I do not see my non-sponsored project?
Make sure you are listed as a department head, a department contact, etc. in the Master Contact List (found in the SSB application)

What if I do not see my employee?
Make sure there was a certification issued for them. If there was, check the Home Organization of the employee. If it is not your org, they are appearing under someone else's staff listing. Have the department contact inform HR and ISS.

What if I see someone who is not my employee?
It may be that they have a non-sponsored pro-gram that is listed from your area. If this is the case, either certify it or correct it with a SWT and certify it. If this is not the case, then the employee's home org may be listed incorrectly. Inform HR and ISS.

What if the approval queues show the person to certify is "Unknown"?
When the extract is pulled from the payroll and financial system, there may be cases when the PI/CO-PI or the department head is unknown. If a correction has been made, a program shall update the approval queues. However, if the correction has not been made after a day or so, please inform Contracts and Grants Accounting.

What criteria are required for a Salary Wage Transfer?
If the total percentage per pay period falls out the normal threshold: 99.9 to 100.1 percent. If the line item changes are greater than ± 5%.

What if I do not have any action to take?
If the page reads "No action at this time", then the system cannot find anything required - either in the awaiting status, in process, or completed tabs. If you believe this is in error, contact Contracts and Grants Accounting immediately.