Shelter or Secure in Place refers to the need to remain where you are or go to a safe location within the building for your own safety.

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There are several circumstances when university officials and emergency personnel may order that individuals on campus should shelter or secure in place for their own safety and well-being.  You should consider how ans where to shelter-in-place prior to having to perform this measure.

A shelter or secure in place order may be issued for several reasons:

  • Severe weather;
  • Hazardous materials (especially a significant incident outside of the building);
  • Intruder on campus;
  • Hostage situation;
  • Any situation where it is best for you to stay where you are to avoid an outside threat.

Shelter or Secure in Place Order

The reason for the shelter or secure in place order may not be immediately communicated to everyone. If a shelter or secure in place order is issued:

  • Be alert for instructions and updates as they become available from emergency personnel and university administrators.
  • Try to stay calm.
  • Go to the place designated in the notification (i.e. severe weather shelter area, upper floors or other location within the building).
  • Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.
  • For SEVERE WEATHER, refer to the Weather guidelines in this app.
  • For INTRUDER, refer to the Active Shooter guidelines in this app.


All Clear

  • Remain sheltered until given an ALL CLEAR message through AU ALERT, emergency responders or university administrators.
  • Do not leave your safe location until you are sure of the identity or source of the person giving the all clear message.
  • Note: For tornado warnings, unless there is an ongoing hazard, you can leave the shelter once the warning expires.



AU Campus Safety & Security Phone: 334-844-8888
On-Call Phone (24/7): 334-750-9795
Auburn Fire Division Phone: 334-501-3100, opt 1
Auburn Police Division Phone: 334-501-3100, opt 1