In the event of a significant emergency, a building or campus evacuation may be necessary. This may be due to an act of violence, an imminent weather threat, a hazardous materials incident or other emergency condition.


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Notification to Evacuate

In many emergency situations, evacuation of a building, part of campus or all of campus may be necessary.

  • A building fire alarm indicates a need to evacuate the building (should be used for fire or smoke-related emergency only).

  • Notification to evacuate all or a significant area of campus will come through the AU ALERT System.

  • Pay close attention to emergency notification messages. Follow instructions provided by the messages and first responders.


Building Evacuation Guideline


  •  EXIT THE AREA IMMEDIATELY if the fire alarm activates or you receive other notification to evacuate. DIAL 911  as you are exiting if you can safely do so to ensure proper assistance has been requested. Do not assume the fire alarm or others will notify the fire department.
  • Close doors as you leave to minimize the spread of fire.
  • Take keys and medications with you if possible. DO NOT DELAY evacuation to do so.
  • Campus CERT members will assist as they are able.
  • Move quickly and safely to the nearest safe exit or exit stairwell.
    • ‚Äč If the nearest exit or exit stairwell is obstructed by smoke, fire or other hazards, use an alternate exit or exit stairwell.
  • IF FIRE OR SMOKE ARE PRESENT, activate the closest fire alarm pull station along your evacuation route.
  • Notify others around you as you leave.
  • If able, assist others during evacuation but do not jeopardize your own safety.
  • Do not block or wedge exit doors in an open position. Doors should remain closed to keep smoke out and keep stairwells safe for evacuation and emergency responders.
  • Once outside, move away from the building to an evacuation assembly area as directed by Campus CERT members and emergency responders.
  • If you haven't already done so, DIAL 911 and report the situation.


Campus Evacuation Guidelines


  • Follow instructions provided by emergency notification messages and emergency personnel.  These may include details such as:
    • Nature of the incident;
    • When the evacuation should begin;
    • How to evacuate (by vehicle or on foot);
    • Where to go;
    • How you will receive updates;
    • Special instructions or guidelines.
  • The Auburn University Department of Campus Safety & Security will coordinate campus response through the Crisis Management Team and will work with emergency responders (Auburn Police, Auburn Fire and East Alabama Emergency Medical Services) to provide ongoing information to the campus community until the incident is resolved.
  • Do not return to the evacuated area until given the all clear from AU ALERT.




AU Campus Safety & Security Phone: 334-844-8888
On-Call Phone (24/7): 334-750-9795
Auburn Fire Division Phone: 334-501-3100, opt 1
Auburn Police Division Phone: 334-501-3100, opt 1