Hazardous material releases occurring on or off campus may impact Auburn University.

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If You See a Hazardous Material Release

  • Never attempt to contain or clean up a hazardous material release unless you are trained to do so.
  • Alert those in the vicinity and evacuate the area.
  • Close all doors as you leave the area.
  • DIAL 911 to report the release when you reach a safe location.
  • Provide as much information as possible to the dispatcher, including identity and amount of the chemical released, specific location, hazards and any known injuries.
  • Warn others not to enter the area.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so by AU ALERT, emergency personnel, or university administrators.


If You Are Notified of a Hazardous Material Release

  • Follow instructions provided by the AU ALERT System and emergency responders.
  • Avoid the area of the release until given an "all clear" message.

If Someone is Exposed

  • Isolate anyone exposed to the material.
  • Stay with them until emergency personnel arrive.
  • Do not come into contact with material on their clothing or body.
  • Instruct them to remove contaminated clothing immediately and direct them to the nearest safety shower/eye wash station. Affected areas should be rinsed for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Provide first aid if necessary and you are trained to do so.



AU Campus Safety & Security Phone: 334-844-8888
On-Call Phone (24/7): 334-750-9795
Web: www.auburn.edu/safety
Email: campussafety@auburn.edu
AU Risk Management &
Safety - Hazmat
Phone: 334-844-4805
Auburn Fire Division Phone: 334-501-3100, opt 1
Auburn Police Division
Crime Stoppers Tip Line
(Call or Text)
Phone: 334-246-1391