Essentials of Grant Proposal Development

Whether you are a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, faculty member, or other professional, an understanding of grants, how to find them, and how to create and submit a proposal are critical skills that are often not part of formal training programs. Essentials of Grant Proposal Development aims to take much of the mystery out of grant writing by walking learners through the process one step at a time with in-depth instruction that includes videos, exercises, resources, and examples.

This course was written by Nancy L. Devino, PhD and peer reviewed by experts.

Although completion time will vary by learner, each module takes about 25-45 minutes to complete. The modules are designed so that learners can complete them in one sitting or in multiple sittings, and there is no time limit for any of the activities. The following is a list of the nine modules:

  • An Introduction to Grants
  • Getting Started in Grant Writing
  • Finding and Selecting Funding Opportunities
  • Crafting a Proposal Development Plan
  • Creating the Proposal Narrative
  • Tables, Forms, and Documents
  • Preparing the Budget and Budget Justification
  • Understanding the Proposal Review Process
  • Bringing it All Together


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