Institute Components

The Institute for Strengthening Pathways and Research Knowledge in STEM (SPARK STEM Institute) consists of two centers with distinct areas of focus and independent funding streams:

  • SPARK STEM Center for Underrepresented Minorities and Underserved Populations. Learn more
  • SPARK STEM Center for Students with Disabilities. Learn more

Institute Home and Management

The Institute is housed in the Office of Vice President for Research and Economic Development and is administered by the Office of Special Projects and Initiatives (OSPI) and assisted by the Leadership consisting of Advisory Board, Board of Deans and Directors, and Administrative Council.

Management Team

  • Executive Director, Dr. Overtoun Jenda, Professor and Assistant Provost for Special Projects and Initiatives
  • Director of Planning, Implementation and Assessment, Dr. Brittany McCullough
  • Business Manager, Keri Hesson, Acting
  • Director of Research, Dr. David Shannon, Humana-Germany-Sherman Distinguished Professor, Educational Research and Evaluation, Faculty
  • Subaward Administrator, Ginger Phillabaum, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • IT Director, Rusty Presley
  • Development Officer, Dr. Wes Williams, Office of Advancement
  • Project Manager, SPARK STEM Center for Persons with Disabilities, Tamara Massey-Garrett
  • Office Supervisor, Gwen Kirk
  • Project Manager, SPARK STEM Center for Underrepresented Minorities and Underserved Populations, TBD
  • Grant Writer, TBD
  • Development Coordinator, TBD
  • Marketing Coordinator, TBD