The Auburn University Medical Clinic (AUMC) provides primary and preventive care to students, faculty, staff and members of the surrounding community of Auburn University. Acute care is provided by the Medical Clinic's staff of board certified physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners, certified physician assistants, and our team of supporting colleagues. Our health care providers have access to a wide range of specialists and emergency services when necessary. We are here to serve you and are committed to maintaining high quality of care standards in a confidential, convenient, caring professional setting.  Your comments regarding the quality of our service are appreciated and we strive to continually improve our service.

The Auburn University Medical Clinic promotes the concept of individual "wellness" in contrast to a traditional status quo approach to holistic health. Our approach is to assist you with opportunities to develop yourself in social, physical, intellectual, career, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your life. Using these 6 categories, we offer the acronym "SPICES" as the model for the areas in which you can actively address personal wellness!    


Acute/Urgent Care

Our team of providers is experienced in treating your common medical problems, including minor surgery, suturing of lacerations and removal of ingrown toe nails. We are equipped to treat you with intravenous fluids and medications including antibiotics (when medically appropriate), thereby hastening your recovery and many times avoiding a stay in the hospital. We are interested in helping you stay healthy and active. After hours, please call toll free 1-866-389-6770.

Allergy Services

We have on site allergy testing services available. Also, if you are receiving immunotherapy, you may also receive allergy shots by using the antigen supplied by your allergist along with a copy of the injection instructions. Your allergy serum needs to be mailed to 400 Lem Morrison Drive, Auburn University, AL 36849-5349.


To register upon admission to Auburn University as well as traveling to some countries you will be required to demonstrate protection against some communicable diseases (e.g., measles, mumps, and rubella). This requires vaccination, physician certification of disease or blood tests showing evidence of immunity. If you do not comply, you may have difficulty in registering or entering a foreign country. We do offer these vaccines for a fee.


We have a convenient on site CLIA certified laboratory with licensed medical technologists who can perform some routine tests before completion of your visit. If you need blood tests to monitor care that you are receiving, we will be happy to accommodate you with an appropriate written order from your physician.  Orders may be faxed to (334)528-6780.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is not just a “luxury”; studies have proven massage to be a valuable component of a well rounded and healthy lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy whether you need a relaxing escape from daily stress or you suffer from chronic pain, regular massage could be your answer. With the combined experience of 23 years, we have been blessed with the opportunity of helping many people manage their pain and stress while improving their overall health and well being. Each therapeutic session is tailored to address the clients individual needs and ensure a wonderful, restorative experience. Your session will be the most fantastic part of your day plus we hope you will look forward to a return visit.  
See our menu of massage services.

Mental Health

Feeling down, having difficulty with your sleeping pattern, mood swings or difficulty concentrating? Consider making an appointment with us or Student Counseling Services.

Other Vaccines

Certain individuals are at risk for hepatitis A and B as well as rabies infection.  Immunizations can be obtained for a fee at the Medical Clinic. Tetanus, PPD skin testing, typhoid, and polio are also available. Flu vaccines are available in the fall. (Also available are Meningitis, Yellow Fever and Chicken Pox vaccines.)


A state-of-the-art pharmacy is located within the Medical Clinic and is operated by the School of Pharmacy. It features the latest in technology utilizing a computerized robot for dispensing and confidential counseling rooms for your educational needs with regard to your medications. Please call 844-4641 for assistance.

Radiology/X-ray Services

We have radiology services for routine x-rays on site. Services are provided by a licensed technologist and all x-rays are reviewed by a licensed radiologist. If you require a copy of your x-rays, we can accommodate you for a fee.

Specialty Care

Specialty care is done through a network of local providers available to our staff. Referrals to a specialist (e.g., orthopedist, gynecologist, neurologist, dermatologist) can be made by our medical team.

Women's Health Care

As part of our team, we have female providers on staff.  Professional services include routine gynecologic care, counseling and prescribing of birth control methods,  morning after contraception, referral for pregnancy alternatives and diagnosis and treatment of STDs. We also use the "thin prep" screening system and perform colposcopy on site

Additional Services
Also housed in our facility are Student Counseling Services and Safe Harbor (sexual assault crisis center). 


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