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All incoming students must complete the electronic Medical Information & Immunization Form through Clearwave VacTrak.



Find the Clearwave email sent to your Auburn email account labeled "Auburn University - Medical Information Account Creation" and follow the instructions provided within.  These instructions will include how to:

  • Create an account with Clearwave using your email address.

  • Activate your account with Clearwave to link it to your Auburn University account.

  • Login to Clearwave VacTrak.

  • Provide demographic and immunization information per University and State of Alabama requirements.

**Please note: You MUST use a Laptop or desktop (not a phone) to set up the Clearwave and Clearwave Vactrak accounts. Google Chrome works best for setting up these accounts**


If you desire more details about the immunization requirements, please expand the information listed below "Overview of Immunization Requirements".  If there are any issues with the submission, or additional information is required, you will be notified via email through your Auburn University email.

All incoming students must meet certain medical requirements for attendance. As a new student, you will need your insurance and billing information plus:

  • Measles Vaccination

    • Typically this is found in the form of a Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) shot.  If these shots were received as a child, then we require both dates.  If you are not able to locate this information, then proof of at least one recent dose is required.  The Auburn University Medical Clinic provides this shot for a fee of $124 that covers the cost and administration of the shot.


  • Recent Tuberculosis Testing

    • Auburn University requires a Tuberculosis Skin Test or Tuberculosis Blood Test from every student in order to attend. Tuberculosis testing, either skin test or blood test, must be no older than 6 months before the first day of class. For example, if classes were to begin August 15th, 2022 then Tb skin tests or Tb blood tests older than February 15th, 2022 will not be accepted. 

    • Tuberculosis Skin Tests should be available at your Pediatrician or Primary Care Physician's office. Tuberculosis Blood Tests are more accurate, but not as widely available and can be more costly. If you have a positive skin test, past or present, you will be required to have obtain a Tuberculosis blood test (T.SPOT or QuantiFERON Gold).

    • NOTE: A chest x-ray is NOT an acceptable alternative to the TB skin/blood test and will be rejected.

    • Auburn University Medical Clinic offers these tests for a fee:




Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD) $30
Tuberculosis Blood Test - T.SPOT $83