Start-up Companies


Aunigma Network Solutions Corp.


Aunigma is launching next generation network security integrated into high performance protocols to address new and expanding communication platforms and related internet security threats. 
Aunigma Website

CytoViva, Inc.


CytoViva’s technology combines Auburn's patented, enhanced darkfield optical microscopy with high resolution hyperspectral imaging. These integrated technologies were specifically designed to enable real-time optical observation at ultra high resolution with minimal sample preparation.  
CytoViva Website

Eagle Aquaculture

Eagle Aquaculture, Inc.

Eagle produces hybrid catfish fingerlings with superior growth rates, disease resistance and feed conversion to the domestic catfish industry. 

Falcon Protein

Falcon Protein Products, Inc.

Falcon will provide a rendering technology that delivers a high protein product in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner. 
Falcon Protein Video

FoodSource Biotech

Foodsource Lures

FoodSource Biotech develops and manufactures a variety of products that incorporate active ingredients into safe and eco-friendly products for consumption by animals. 
FoodSource Biotech

Gavin Brothers LLC


Gavin Brothers markets the Drumbelt, the first scientifically designed and tested lumbar support belt for marching percussionists. Shifting the weight of marching percussion instruments away from the shoulders while reducing hip and back flexion, the Drumbelt fits almost all current percussion harnesses, regardless of manufacturer. 
Drumbelt website

IntraMicron, Inc.


Microfibrous materials are an enabling technology that allows chemical reactions and processes to occur far more efficiently than previously imagined or commercially practiced. The products incorporating IntraMicron's patented technology are manufactured via high-speed, roll-to-roll papermaking and sintering processes. These "microfibrous media" products possess uniquely adaptable physical properties and performance characteristics that have broad applications across a wide range of markets including air security and biogrowth accelerators. 
IntraMicron Website

OcuMedic, Inc.


OcuMedic is a drug delivery and medical device company with proprietary technology that creates new architectures in polymeric films to enable enhanced loading and delayed release of therapeutics. Part of OcuMedic’s mission is to create a product line of therapeutic contact lenses to deliver medication for extended periods to address the considerable unmet need for more efficacious ocular drug delivery. 
OcuMedic Website

Petram Technologies

Petram Technologies

Petram Technologies focuses on solutions for the blasting industry, in particular the challenge of providing environmentally friendly, safe and economical alternatives to explosives and traditional fracking. Petram's approach is based on patented plasma blasting technology developed at Auburn with NASA funding.
Petram Technologies Website

TNG Pharmaceuticals

TNG Pharmaceuticals / FlyVax

TNG Pharmaceuticals focuses on a vaccine to protect cattle from parasitic horn flies. The technology limits the ability of horn flies to properly feed, which in turn reduces local horn fly populations and minimizes the negative effects on cattle. The economic impact of horn fly parasitism – largely due to reduced beef and milk production — approaches one billion dollars per year in North America alone.