Copyright at Auburn University

Copyright at Auburn University

Here at Auburn University, we take intellectual property rights seriously.  Copyright is an area of intellectual property that offers us several protections and benefits.  By understanding copyright, you will more fully be able to exercise the rights that copyright law gives you.

Two of the most important benefits of copyright are-

  • It allows you to use copyrighted materials of others
  • It protects materials that you create

Copyright protects us all: faculty, staff, and students.  We encourage you to use the information presented here to educate yourself and answer your questions so that you will be able to make informed copyright decisions.

Using This Web Site

To make a decision about how you may use copyrighted material, go to the Decision Tree on the Using Copyright page.

To determine if you can use copyrighted materials under the provisions of fair use, go to the Fair Use Checklist.

To learn more about the different aspects of copyright, go to the Basics section.

For answers to frequently asked questions about copyright, go to the FAQ page.

For additional information and links to useful resources, go to the Resources section.

Auburn University Copyright Policy

The following links will take you to the official copyright policy statements of Auburn University.

Copyright Policy for Creation of Copyrighted Materials

Copyright Policy for Use of Copyrighted Materials

If You Need Assistance

When making copyright decisions, many times you will not be able to come to a clear black-and-white answer.  In these instances you should try to understand the copyright policy and make a good-faith effort to apply it appropriately.

If you are unsure of a situation and need assistance or advice, there are resources on campus that are willing to assist you with your copyright questions.  The RBD Help Desk is happy to assist you with your questions about copyright.  You can email them or go to their website for additional contact information.


The information presented on this site is in reference to Auburn University policy and is not intended to be interpreted for purposes outside of Auburn University activities.

While this site contains information about copyright law, it is only intended for informational purposes and should not be construed as counsel or legal advice.

If you need legal advice or counsel concerning copyright, contact an attorney.