Boilerplate Statements

You can copy and paste these boilerplate statements onto your documents or materials to help notify others of their copyright status.

When you create a copyright protected work:

Although it is not necessary to include a copyright statement on your work (since you own the copyright from the moment you create it), including one might keep others from infringing on your copyrights.

Copyright © 20XX, Your Name, All rights reserved

When you use someone else's copyrighted material under the provisions of fair use:

Such as in a PowerPoint, other visual presentation, or handout.

This presentation (etc.) contains copyrighted materials that have been used under the fair use provisions of US copyright law.  Further use, duplication, or distribution is prohibited.

For instructors to protect your class documents (notes, handouts, tests, etc) from being sold or used by other students:

Unscrupulous students might try to sell the notes from your class to other students or websites that sell class notes.  This is an ethical matter, but can potentially be prevented by including a statement similar to the following on your syllabus.

All documents and information provided as a part of this course are intended only for the student to which they are originally given.  Further distribution, duplication, or use is an infringement of the student code of conduct and university copyright policy.


All materials provided as part of this course, whether online or in person, are copyright protected and intended to be used solely for this course.  Further use or distribution to persons not involved in this course is an infringement of university policy.

For instructors to protect your lectures from being recorded:

Instructors have the right not to be recorded without permission.  Adding a statement similar to the following to your syllabus will notify students of your class policy regarding recording of lectures.

No part of the proceedings of this course, including lectures and discussions, may be audio or video recorded without explicit written permission from the instructor.