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  • G. De Souza

Functional Analysis Notes

Carleson's Theorem

Some Open Problems

Multiplication and Composition

A New Characterization


  • O. Gaoue

Matrix Population Models: Deterministic and stochastic dynamics

Markov Sequence R-file

Integral Projection Model: Why, how, and what for?

Integral Projection Paper

IPM Matlab Codes

IPM R Codes

Size Specific Paper

Size Specific Paper Supplement A

Size Specific Paper Supplement B

Stochastic Stable Paper

Modeling the Short and Long-Term Effects of Wild Plants Harvest by Local People


  • E. Lungu

Disease Models I

Disease Models II

Stability of Non-Autonomous Co-Infection Models

Malaria Replication Characteristics


  • I. Klapper

Modeling Microbial Populations 1

Modeling Microbial Populations 2

Microbial Evolution in a Simple Unstructured Environment: Genetic Differentiation in Escherichia Coli

Synthetic Escherichia coli consortia engineered for syntrophy demonstrate enhanced biomass productivity

Biofilm-Induced Mineralization


  • A. Madzvamuse

Numerical Appriximation of Solutions of ODE I

Numerical Appriximation of Solutions of ODE II

Reaction Diffusion Equations I: Stationary domains

Modeling parr-mark pattern formation during the early development of Amago trout

Global existence for semilinear reaction-diffusion systems: the effects on evolving domains

Stability Analysis of non-autonomous reaction-diffusion systems: the effects of growing domains

The surface finite element method for pattern formation on evolving biological surfaces

Characterization of Turing Diffusion-Driven Instability on Evolving Domains

Models for Pattern Formation During Early Growth Development: Methods, Numerics and Applications


  • A. J. Meir

Mathematical Software I

Analysis of ODE I

Analysis of ODE II

Numerical PDE I

Numerical PDE II

Saddle Point Problems

Files for a Simple 2-D Finite Element Program

Communicating Mathematics (with TeX and LaTeX)

Tools of the Trade: The math graduate (and undergraduate) students' toolbox

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e

A Beginner's Introduction to Typesetting with LaTeX

The Beamer Class (User Guide)


  • R. Smith?

Media Flu

Can We Spend Our Way Out of the AIDS Epidemic?

Media Flu Paper

Can We Spend Our Way Out of the AIDS Epidemic? Paper

A Mathematical Model for the Eradication of Guinea Worm Disease

Neglected Tropical Diseases: Infection modeling and control

Neglected Tropical Diseases: Infection modeling and control - The paper


  • A. Yakubu

Introduction to Mathematical Biology I

Constant proportion harvest policies: Dynamic implications in the Pacific halibut and Atlantic cod fisheries  Yakubu, Li, Conrad, and Zeeman, 2011

Introduction to Mathematical Biology II  (Discrete-Time Epidemic Models)

Dispersal, disease and life-history evolution  Castillo-Chavez and Yakubu, 2011

Introduction to Mathematical Biology III  (Fatal Disease and Demographic Allee Effect)

Allee Effect Paper  Hikler, Langlis and Malchow, 2009

Fatal Disease and demographic Allee effect: population persistance and extinction Friedman and Yakubu, 2011

Fatal Disease and demographic Allee effect: population persistance and extinction / Talk 3