Proposal Timeline

Proposal Timeline and Required Tasks

6 Months
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Submit an online grant submission application once the faculty member has identified a funding opportunity and a research/scholarship idea. The smartsheet application will notify Dr. Pao-Feng Tsai (AUSON ADR) and Research Administrator about the upcoming grant. Only one application per team needs to be submitted. Research Administrators include AUSON budget staff (Tara Ward), Proposal Services & Faculty Support (PSFS) (Robert Holm, Christine Cline and Susan Elkins), and Office of Sponsored Program (OSP) (Lowrey Renfroe) .
  • Individual faculty should have access to a Research Box Folder created by Dr. Tsai's office. If you can not see it, please contact Dr. Tsai. 
  • Create a subfolder in Research Box Folder with the following format "year-agency". This sub-folder will be used when the application is ready for Dr. Tsai and OSP staff to review.
  • If you are (1) a Co-I on a collaborative project or (2) submitting for an intramural grant application, complete the application and skip to the last step (Finalize all documents and upload them to your Research Box Folder).
  • Set up a Working Box folder for your own team members, Dr. Tsai, Tara Ward and PSFS staff to collaborate.
  • Work with OSP staff to make sure you have the correct e-submission credentials and logins. 
  • Notify Tony Ventimiglia if you would like Hanover Research to review. Hanover Research is a full-service grant development resource that is available to AU faculty.
  • Information regarding Hanover’s core capabilities and project timelines.

    Additional information about Hanover Research.
  • Submit the Panel form to Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) if using assistance from CCTS for NIH grants.  
5 Months 
      Research Administrator (PSFS staff) Responsibility: 
  • Set up an initial proposal meeting for project team to discuss timeline and feasibility with ADR, Tara Ward, PSFS staff, and OSP staff.
  • Review call for proposal and requirements with faculty.
  • Develop proposal deadlines for project team to submit components of proposal.
  • Assign tasks to responsible parties for obtaining relevant documents.
  • Make sure correct e-submission and logins are in place.  
  • Make sure Working Box and Subfolder of the Research Box are created and available to all parties. 
  • Double check if Hanover or CCTS Panel review are needed.

Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Contact potential partners and/or subcontractors to see if they have an interest in participating. Email contacts for any subcontractors to PSFS and/or OSP staff so that he/she can contact them to get the needed paperwork.
  • Meet with all confirmed proposal team members to outline project, discuss budget, and develop project timeline.
  • Request letters of support and bio-sketches from team members.
4 Months
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Write proposal narrative and supporting documents. 
Research Administrator (PSFS staff) Responsibility:
  • Provide guidance for developing proposal components.
3 Months
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Finalize support documentation in agency format if applicable (e.g. ,any current and pending research support, conflict of interest, etc.) 
  • Complete training if there are compliance, conflict of interest, or responsible conduct of research training requirements.
  • Obtain letters of support and bio-sketches from team members.
Research Administrator (PSFS staff) Responsibility: 
  • Continue to provide guidance for developing proposal components.
2 Months
Faculty Member Responsibility:

  • Upload the following documents to the Working Box Folder.
    A well-written draft of the project narrative for initial review by PSFS and/or Dr. Tsai.
    A draft project budget, budget justification, and abstract.
    Work with Tara Ward, PSFS and OSP staff to draft the budget and start the budget justification.
  • Review the completion of all supporting documents (bio-sketches, letters of support, subcontract information, compliance information, etc.)
  • Optional: Schedule time with Hanover research or CCTS Panel for review of narrative and other necessary documents if utilized. 
  • Make edits to the grant proposal and support documents as needed.

Research Administrator (PSFS or OSP staff) Responsibility:

  • Contact subcontractors for any budgets that have not been submitted to AU and AU Sub-recipient commitment form. 
  • Continue to provide guidance for developing proposal components. 

6 Weeks
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Finalize Grant Proposal (including abstract, approach, management plan, data management plan, and logic model if applicable.)
  • Receive all support letters, cost share/match commitment letters, subcontractor documentation.
  • Finalize CVs or bio-sketches.  
  • Upload the budget & budget justification to the Working Box Folder.

Research Administrator (PSFS staff) Responsibility:
  • Review proposal budget and justification, provide feedback to faculty member, and upload to the Working Box Folder when completed.
  • If utilized, PSFS staff, editor, and/or external reviewer will: Review project narrative (and any other documents PI wants reviewed) and send feedback to faculty member.
4 Weeks
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Make adjustments to the budget and budget justification as recommended by Research Administrators. 
  • Finalize proposal narrative.
3 Weeks
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Upload full proposal application (project narrative, abstract, bio-sketches, appendices, letters of support, budget, budget justification, other supporting documents) to the subfolder of the Working Box Folder

Research Administrator (PSFS or OSP staff) Responsibility:
  • Review proposal package and provide feedback through track changes and comments and upload to subfolder in Working Box Folder.
  • Begin to upload proposal in Agency System and check for system errors.
2 Weeks
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Finalize budget, budget justification, and upload to the Research Box Folder.

Research Administrator (PSFS staff) Responsibility:
  • Route AU e-cover form through AU system for signatures.
10 Days
Faculty Member Responsibility:
  • Finalize full proposal application (project narrative, abstract, bio-sketches, appendices, letters of support, budget, budget justification, other supporting documents) and upload to the subfolder of the Research Box Folder.

Research Administrator (OSP staff) Responsibility:
  • Conduct final review of submitted documents and submit on behalf of AU.

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