Presentation Requirements

Oral presentations

Podium presentations will be delivered using PowerPoint. The time limit is 10 minutes for oral presentations, followed by 2 minutes for questions and answers. You will be notified of the day and time of your presentation prior to the Student Symposium. Oral presentations will occur on March 26. Presenters are to bring a copy of the presentation to the Student Symposium on a USB flash drive.

Poster presentations

Posters may not exceed 40” x 30”. Posters will be affixed to foam board that will be provided to you. (You do NOT have to mount your poster prior to the Student Symposium). The poster title should match the abstract title. Poster font should be large enough to easily read from a distance of 2-3 feet. Illustrations (graphs, pictures, figures, tables) should be large enough for easy observation and contain brief captions, if appropriate. Posters will be displayed on March 26 at the Auburn University Student Center. You will be notified of the day and time of your presentation prior to the Student Symposium.

Creative scholarship displays or presentations

The work accepted will be representative of creative scholarship in the broadest sense.

Entries will be accepted in:

  • FINE ARTS: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed media, digital media, fiber arts, ceramics, printmaking, etc.
  • APPLIED ARTS and DESIGN: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design, graphic design, interior design, apparel design, textile design
  • PERFORMING ARTS: music, film, theater (scenography, set design, costume design, lighting and sound, etc.).
  • CREATIVE WRITING: poetry, novels, short stories, feature stories, screenplays, plays, etc.
  • OTHER: well-documented and compelling works of creative scholarship that don’t fit comfortably into any of the above categories.

The presentations for creative scholarship at this symposium can be in any of the following formats: poster; oral, supplemented with PowerPoint or a slide show; oral, supplemented with video; oral, supplemented with audio; or oral, supplemented by the display of an object, product or work of art, etc.

There will be no facilities for permanent display at the symposium, so anyone choosing the latter category (oral presentation with display), will be expected to bring their display item with them to the presentation, accompany it at all times, and take it with them after the presentation.