Admission Criteria for the Auburn University MSN Program

Potential students must meet all the criteria listed in the current Auburn University Graduate School bulletin ( Students may be admitted under two classifications. These are approved and provisional. Approved admissions meet all the criteria listed for the Graduate School and any additional criteria of the department, school or college. Provisional admissions have one semester to complete the requirements for approved admission. Students with provisional admission may not register for the next semester without completing any requirements or by approval of the Graduate Program Director or graduate school depending on why they were admitted on provisional status. Also, provisional students are not eligible for financial aide. This would only happen under exceptional circumstances.
Admission to the program is competitive and enrollment is limited. Only applications meeting the application deadlines will be considered for either category of admission.

Application deadlines are as follows:
Summer Semester - March 1st (only full-time Admission)
Fall Semester - June 1st (only part-time Admission)
Spring Semester - October 1st (only part-time Admission)

  • A bachelor of science degree in nursing from an accredited college or university
  • Good academic standing from the last university attended
  • Successful completion (C or better) of an undergraduate statistics course
  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Unencumbered license in the United States as a registered nurse
  • Three professional references (online form)
  • Current resume
  • Personal goal statement on the reason for seeking the Graduate degree

School of Nursing Specific Admission information

  • Students who meet all criteria for approved admission (packet completed and meet above criteria) will be considered first for admission.
  • Students who will be completing their BSN during the semester before admission will be considered for admisson based on their GPA in their current transcript. These students may ask for a waiver (for more information on waivers see contact information below) of the unencumbered license as a registered nurse. This license must be obtained during the first 6 weeks of the first semester of study if the waiver is granted. Any student who does not successfully obtain an RN license at the end of 6 weeks will be administratively un-enrolled from all courses. They may continue in courses that do not require clinical and will be moved to part-time status. The BSN must be completed before classes start.
  • Students may be interviewed by the Graduate admission committee and other faculty and/or community members during the times designated.

Students must complete the intent to enroll form and required materials by the date indicated on the offer at admission or their spot may be given to another applicant. 

Students are required to provide a background check and drug screen prior to starting classes. All materials required by the Auburn University and the School of Nursing must be completed before the first day of classes. To progress through the program, all graduate students must receive a grade of at least a B in all courses and may only repeat a course one time and are allowed only two failures.