Our BSN Program

The professional nursing curriculum provides undergraduate education for students wishing to prepare for a career as a professional nurse. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and are eligible to write the NCLEX-RN for licensure as a registered nurse.

A pre-professional program in Nursing Science is required of students seeking admission to the professional curriculum. The first two years of coursework are designated as Pre-Nursing (PNUR). Although the School of Nursing does not offer a separate program for second-degree students, students with a bachelor’s degree in other disciplines are encouraged to apply to the professional program. Pre-requisites for second-degree students are listed below. The upper-division Professional Nursing Curriculum (NURS) requires six semesters of study, including classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences.


Undergraduate Tuition

School of Nursing Tuition and Fees (Alabama Residents)    $5,638 per semester
School of Nursing Tuition and Fees (Out of State Residents)    $15,262 per semester


Upper Division Cost per semester 

Allocation of Fees

The amount that students pay in tuition and required fees represents a sizeable and important investment in their future. However, student payments alone do not cover the full cost of providing any of Auburn's educational programs. Even after state appropriations are included, some programs require funding through additional fees in order to provide a high-quality learning environment that students expect. Like the basic tuition and fees, these additional amounts help to cover not only the direct costs of providing instruction and advising in these programs but also indirect costs associated with Auburn's role as a comprehensive center of higher education for the state.

For further information on the allocation of fees, contact auson@auburn.edu

allocation of fees

Tuition and Fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of any term.