The final data are finally here for the Deans’ Fit Family Challenge that ran from Sep. to Nov. 2020.

For 10 weeks, faculty, staff and students from three schools (School of Nursing, VCOM and the Harrison School of Pharmacy) toiled in classes and labs and found time to track minutes of meaningful activity toward the challenge. Out of a total of 232 participants, VCOM had 58, HSOP had 148 and AUSON had 34. Dean Gregg Newschwander and Professor Robin Farrell received the Challenge trophy from Auburn University Provost Bill Hardgrave.

Associate Clinical Professor Farrell maintained the tracking information and presented weekly rewards to individuals and teams based on minutes of activity.

“Overall individual winners were determined by minutes of activity and weight lost from baseline,” Farrell said. “The winning team was determined by a composite score based on hours of activity, weight loss from baseline and adjusted for number of participants. Participants logged in approximately 7,506 hours (450,379.13 minutes) and lost 450 pounds from baseline.”

From AUSON, the Walking Warriors and Human Bovine Practitioners logged the most minutes, with 10,038 and 9,723 minutes respectively, while Jordan Farrell, with 7,248 minutes, won top honors for individual achievement. Fit Farmers team lost the most pounds at 34, and Sarah Watts won for individuals who lost more than 10 pounds from Baseline!

Overall winner’s trophy was presented to AUSON for an amazing and winning effort!

Overall Data


Number of Participants

Number of Minutes Logged

Number of Pounds Lost from Baseline




44.7 total

Avg= 2,082 per participant


1.86 for 24 who weighed out; 0.77 for all




271.9 total

Avg= 1,739 per participant

6.8 for 40 who weighed out; 1.8 for all




88.8 total

Avg= 2,259 per participant

5.55 for 16 who weighed out; 2.6 for all