Manjusha AnnajiStudent Research Spotlight - Manjusha Annaji

Manjusha Annaji won first place in the poster category, University-Wide Graduate Student Winners in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, during the virtual 2021 Auburn Research: Student Symposium.

Hometown:  Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Major and degree: Doctorate in Pharmaceutics
College: Harrison School of Pharmacy
Department: Department of Drug Discovery and Development
Class year: 2023
Faculty mentor: Jay Ramapuram

Meloxicam-Coated 3D-Printed Stainless-Steel Implants to Prevent Implant Rejections



What are you researching?
My research is focused on developing a multilayer coating on 3D-printed metal implants to reduce the risk of postsurgical complications. The micro-featured surface of 3D-printed implants provide better conditions for osteointegration and bone formation than conventional metal implants.

How could the results benefit individuals, agencies or companies?
Designing a biodegradable coating on a 3D-printed implant that is customized to the individual patient has tremendous benefits for patients, hospitals and device manufacturers. Moreover, these improved surface coatings could also reduce the requirement for revision surgeries which are considered to be cost-intensive. It would also benefit patients by reducing the pain and the risk of postsurgical complications, and thereby improving the quality of life of the patients.

Tell us why you enjoy research.
The promising potential of 3D printing of personalized medicines provided me with a hope to look at a smart future with patient-specific medicines specifically designed to suit their unique needs. I also enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams, as it improves my critical thinking and opens up new and different learning opportunities.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?
Find a research topic for which you have a passion, and have the curiosity to learn new things. Also, it is important to prioritize and organize the tasks to tackle their inherent complexities. Finally, always have a bigger picture in mind along with paying attention to details.

Tell us about any hobbies or activities you enjoy.
I enjoy traveling and cooking. When I have free time, I also love to go hiking and nature-walking.


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