Mallory HarveyStudent Research Spotlight - Mallory Harvey

Mallory Harvey won the undergraduate research award for the College of Human Sciences during the 2020 Auburn Research: Virtual Student Symposium.

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design
College: Human Sciences
Department: Interior Design
Class year: 2020
Faculty mentor: Anna Ruth Gatlin

Evaluating Acoustic Design in Adult Education Spaces for Autism




What are you researching?
I am analyzing empathy as it contributes to designing spaces with acoustical value for an autistic-friendly classroom.

How could the results benefit individuals, agencies or companies?
The classroom of the past cannot compete with all the stimuli and different ways of learning that are commonly used to enhance a students’ development today. With growth in adaptive collegiate programs, universities could greatly benefit from paying special attention to acoustic design in their future classrooms.

Tell us why you enjoy research.
My passion and focus is to develop a deeper understanding of the connection between design and the human experience. Research, in my field, is the key to unlocking new solutions and strategies that will define the future of design.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?
Your intellectual curiosity will be rewarded. Being informed and innovative through research is going to distinguish you from your peers. Strive to leverage design’s ability to elevate the everyday.

Tell us about any hobbies or activities you enjoy.
When I am not creating or designing, you can find me outside on a run. I love exploring new routes or trails and finding inspiration in every place I go.

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