Jorge Luis Sandoval EscobarStudent Research Spotlight - Jorge Sandoval

Jorge Sandoval won the Undergraduate Student Research Award for the College of Agriculture during the 2020 Auburn Research: Virtual Student Symposium.

Name: Jorge Luis Sandoval Escobar
Hometown:  Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Major and degree: Incoming Master’s Degree Student in Poultry Science
College: Agriculture
Department: Poultry Science
Class year: 2023
Faculty mentor: Dr. Charles Starkey and Dr. Jessica Starkey

Effect of Particle Size and Oil Addition on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Nutrient Analysis of Ground Corn




What are you researching?
I evaluated the effect of ground corn particle size with increasing concentrations of soybean oil on the ability of near infrared spectroscopy, or NIRS, to provide accurate nutrient estimates. Also, for my master’s degree thesis research, I will be evaluating the effect of different protein sources on broiler and pig growth performance and skeletal muscle growth characteristics.

How could the results benefit individuals, agencies or companies?
The results obtained demonstrate the importance of properly preparing samples prior to the NIRS analysis, as well as properly training the NIRS and feed mill personnel to obtain accurate nutrient readings. This can help feed mills to accurately formulate diets that meet the animal’s nutritional requirements and reduce feed manufacturing costs.

Tell us why you enjoy research.
I enjoy doing research because you are always contributing to discover something that can make a difference in the food industry. Also, by doing research you can be afforded the opportunity to present your work at professional conferences and to network with people early in your career, while participating in great events.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?
First of all, I advise other students to really enjoy the research they do during their project. Also, being organized, having efficient time management, knowing the skills and properly using resources make a big difference while doing research. Finally, having a great work environment and a good relationship with lab partners is key while conducting a research project.

Tell us about any hobbies or activities you enjoy.
I enjoy participating in different sports, listening to music, cooking meals and watching online documentaries during my free time. These activities help me to learn different things and keep myself busy in a fun and healthy way.

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