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"The Miller Clinic is a great place to get top tier sports medicine help while not breaking the bank or spending time in a waiting room. I am seen within 5 minutes every time I go to the Miller Clinic, and Dr. Miller and his staff are always so friendly and responsive. I have been for two separate conditions, one for elbow problems and another for ankle issues. Each time I went, Dr. Miller put on his detective hat and would not give up until he found the root of the problem and fixed me up. It's this thoroughness and expertise that keeps me coming back!"


Coach Edwards and Dr Miller

"On August 29th, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A month later, on September 29th, I had surgery at the Cancer Treatment Center of America outside Atlanta, GA. Two weeks after surgery, October 13th, I started to have pain in my legs that prohibited me from walking. My wife, who is a PTA at Rehab Works in Opelika reached out to Dr. Miller who came to see me that Saturday morning. At this time I was in so much pain that I could barely take a step. The following Monday I had an appointment with Dr. Miller and he was very persistent in finding and correcting the problem. For the next two weeks, three times a week, I met with Dr. Miller he worked on my back and surgical area and I progressed after every treatment session. He would give me exercises to do at home and even let me take a machine home for the weekend to help with muscle soreness. I am now walking on my own and very grateful to Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff!"


-Anthony Edwards

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"Have seen Dr. Miller for 2 years or more. He is amazing in his knowledge of how the body all works together. He is a true diagnostic doctor-a true 'Dr. House'."