We provide both manual and instrument assisted adjustments using low force techniques. We use the body’s natural tension systems to achieve proper alignment without the use of any rotary movements.


The Miller Clinic provides patient specific rehabilitation programs to promote optimal patient outcomes and quality of life. This includes sports rehabilitation with an emphasis on mechanics and muscle firing patterns to enhance performance and prevent injury.

Many chronic pain patterns are the result of unrecognized mechanics in the body. At the Miller Clinic we identify these mechanics and provide treatment, rehabilitation to not only treat chronic pain but correct the mechanics that caused the pain.
We have radiology services for routine x-rays on site. Services are provided by a licensed technologist and all x-rays are reviewed by a licensed radiologist. If you require a copy of your x-rays, we can accommodate you for a fee.
Through our staff expertise and the use of cutting edge therapeutic modalities we are able to quickly turn around acute injuries when treated within the first 48-72 hours of injury. Acute injuries that are left untreated often result poor joint mechanics that later cause chronic pain and leave you susceptible to other injuries.
One of the specialty services we provide at The Miller Clinic are custom, restorative orthotics made in our on-site orthotics lab. Dr. Miller has been awarded multiple patents for these corrective devices and currently there is no marketed off the shelf orthotic devices that demonstrate correction of pathomechanics, other than his device. Our orthotic devices are used not only for foot pain/problems but also to treat pain at other locations in the body; such as the back, knees and hips. We combine our devices with individualized rehabilitation programs to restore function and correct pathomechanics for a wide variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions that have failed to respond to other interventions.