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Structural Engineering Laboratories


Harbert Engineering Center


Billy Wilson


The primary Structural Research Laboratory occupies 4850 sf of floor space in the Harbert Engineering Center, and has a usable height of 30 ft. The laboratory features a 30 ft x 60 ft reaction floor and a complete servo-controlled MTS closed-loop testing system. There are presently two large structural test frames available. A wide array of hydraulic pumps and actuators are on hand for use. Several Megadac and one Campbell CR9000 data acquisition systems are used in concert with numerous load-, displacement-, and strain-monitoring transducers. The laboratory is equipped with a loading dock and an overhead crane. Housed adjacent to the laboratory are graduate student offices, instrumentation preparation areas, equipment storage, a machine shop, and a carpentry shop. The Structural Dynamics Laboratory is located next to the Structural Research Laboratory. This 2180-sf facility is particularly well suited for the dynamic testing of high-tension electrical power cables. This laboratory features integral cable anchorages at each end and an overhead crane.