This Is Auburn

Flow Cytometry Laboratory


166 Greene Hall


R. Curtis Bird, Ph.D.
Allison Church Bird


The Flow Cytometry Facility at Auburn University provides operator managed and assisted support for Flow cytometry analyses and high - speed cell sorting. The facility has both analytical and cell sorting instrumentation available including a Cytomation MoFlo XDP High - Speed Cell Sorter and an ACCURI C6 Analyzer. The laboratory offers up to 7 - color 9 – parameter analysis with both 488 nm and 635 nm lasers. The MoFlo XDP is also equipped with a Cyclone robotic arm providing sterile single cell sorting into microtiter plates. Also available are post - acquisition analysis software packages that provide listmode playback of all experiments in real - time with full analytical adjustment, cell cycle analysis, histogram subtraction and/or overlays of multiple histograms, and color - backgating of discrete cell populations. Precise cell counts per microliter on 50+ microliter - sized samples are also available. Secure long term data storage on hard drive, CD, and the local network are also provided. Data analysis using Summit, CFlow Plus, FCS Express, and MultiCycle flow cytometry software is also provided.