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Environmental Engineering Laboratories


110-111 Aerospace 112 Ramsay 004B Harbert 118 Wilmore 3558-3568 AERL


Jinling Zhuang


Environmental Engineering Laboratories are located at Aerospace 110 and 111, Harbert 004b, Ramsay 112, Wilmore 118, Advanced Engineering Research lab 3558 and 3568. Current environmental analysis equipment include Perkin Elmer 3110 Graphite Furnace AA , Varian 220FS Flame AA , Dionex DX-120 Ion Chromatograph, Hewlett Packard 1100 HPLC, Hewlett Packard 8453, Phoenix 8000 TOC Analyzer, Varian 710ES ICP-OES, Hewlett 6890 GC, Agilent 6890 GC , Agilent 7000 Triple Quad GC/MS, Agilent 5975C inert XL GC/MS. Research areas of interest focus on cleaning, monitoring and protecting the environment.