Graduate Students Funded

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Name Department Degree and Year
Bartholomew, Megan SFWS- Ecology Current Student
Celik, Seval SFWS- Hydrology Current Student
Rezaieanzadeh, Mehdi SFWS- Hydrology Current Student
Goetz, Scott Biological Sciences Current Student
Jingwei, Wu SFWS- GIS Current Student
Majidzadeh, Hamed SFWS- Biology Current Student
Miller, Melissa Biological Sciences Current Student
Ramesh, Rasika SFWS- Hydrology Current Student
Dosdogru, Furkan SFWS- Hydrology 2016 M.S.
Baltaci, Enis SFWS- Hydrology 2016 M.S.
Noori, Navideh SFWS- Hydrology 2015, Ph.D
Avcioglu, Burak SFWS- Hydrology 2015 M.S.
Cavus, Ilkim SFWS- Hydrology 2015 M.S.
Sufraci, Guleser SFWS- Hydrology 2015 M.S.
Enloe, Heather SFWS- Biology 2014, Ph.D.
Sharifi, Amirreza SFWS- Biology 2014, Ph.D.
Lupek, Megan SFWS- Wildlife 2014, M.S.
Barksdale, Flynt SFWS- Biology 2013, M.S.
Jantz, Holly SFWS- Wildlife 2012, M.S.
Elias, Emile Biosystems Engineering 2010, Ph.D.
Dennis, Dalinda SFWS- Wildlife 2010, M.S.
Morrison, Andrew SFWS- Biology 2010, M.S.
Santana, Erica SFWS- Wildlife 2010, M.S.
Singh, Harsh SFWS- Biology 2010, M.S.
Srivasta, Anurag Civil Engineering 2010, M.S.
Barrett, Kyle Biological Sciences 2009, Ph.D.
Brantley, Eve SFWS- Biology 2009, Ph.D.
Mitchell, Jennifer SFWS- Biology 2009, Ph.D.
Romagosa, Christina Biological Sciences 2009, Ph.D.
Tanger, Shaun SFWS- Economics 2009, Ph.D.
Nagy, Chelsea SFWS- Biology 2009, M.S.
Helms, Brian Biological Sciences 2008, Ph.D.
Styers, Diane SFWS- Biology 2008, Ph.D.
Zhang, Chi SFWS- Biology 2008, Ph.D.
Casanova, Vanessa SFWS- Biology 2007, Ph.D.
Pandit, Ram SFWS- Economics 2007, Ph.D.
Billodeaux, Lauren SFWS- Wildlife 2007, M.S.
Crim, Jackie SFWS- Biology 2007, M.S.
Defreese, Rachel SFWS- Wildlife 2007, M.S.
Gilbert, John SFWS- Biology 2007, M.S.
Vitale, Michele Rural Sociology 2007, M.S.
Santana, Martha Landscape Architecture 2007, M.L.A.
Burton, Michelle SFWS- Biology 2006, Ph.D.
Lhotka, John SFWS- Biology 2006, Ph.D.
Li, Yanshu SFWS- Economics 2006, Ph.D.
Majumdar, Indrajit SFWS- Economics 2006, Ph.D.
Reynolds, Melissa SFWS- Wildlife 2006, Ph.D.
Robinson, Laura Rural Sociology 2006, Ph.D.
Allen, Shannon SFWS- Wildlife 2006, M.S.
Saalfield, Sarah SFWS- Wildlife 2006, M.S.
Tanger, Shaun SFWS- Economics 2006, M.S.
Zhu, Pengyu SFWS- Economics 2006, M.S.
Gartin, Meredith Sociology 2006, M.A.
Dolisca, Frito SFWS- Economics 2005, Ph.D.
Schoonover, Jon SFWS- Biology 2005, Ph.D.
Stratford, Jeffery Biological Sciences 2005, Ph.D.
Brodbeck, Beau SFWS- Economics 2005, M.S.
Farris, Marianne SFWS- Biology 2005, M.S.
Lewis, John SFWS- Wildlife 2005, M.S.
Ostrom, Brad SFWS- Biology 2005, M.S.
Patrick Carter-North, John Rural Sociology 2005, M.S.
Predmore, Stephen SFWS- Biology 2005, M.S.
Sharp, Nick SFWS- Wildlife 2005, M.S.
Walker, Ken Nutrition and Food Science 2005, M.S.
Spivey, Nicole Landscape Architecture 2005, M.L.A.
Satcher, Wanona Landscape Architecture 2005, M.L.A
Brown, Roger SFWS- Economics 2004, Ph.D.
Maloney, Kelly Biological Sciences 2004, Ph.D.
Polyakov, Maksym SFWS- Economics 2004, Ph.D.
Tijiong, Judy Landscape Architecture 2004, M.L.A.
Kang, Myeongjoo SFWS- Economics 2003, Ph.D.
Tzou, Ywh-Min Human Sciences 2002, M.S.
Underwood, Wil SFWS- Wildlife 2002, M.S.
Birkhead, Roger Biological Sciences 2001, M.S.
Waters, Phillip Fisheries & Allied Aquaculture 2001, M.S.