Research Publications

Featured Principal Investigator: Navideh Noori

Navideh Noori, a graduate student funded by the CESURI (Dr. Latif Kalin is her Major Professor).Navideh entered the program in spring of 2011; her Hometown is Lahijan, Gilan Province, Iran. She has Previous Education/Degree in M.S., Civil Engineering-Water Resource Engineering, University of Tehran, and Tehran, Iran. While being here in Auburn her Research Interests are Impact of land use/cover changes on water quality, hydrology, human health, disease risk, and climate variability, analytical and numerical methods in mathematical modeling.

Best advice for prospective students that Navideh can offer is to get involve to social and research meetings on Campus to get to know other students and faculty, and take the opportunity of boarding your knowledge on different topics. Some of her Favorite thing about Auburn, Alabama is that Auburn is a quiet city with friendly and warm people, the family-like atmosphere of the forestry department and supportive faculty and staff.