The 1st CHESS Workshop on Coupled Human-Earth System Solutions for Global Sustainability


The 1st CHESS Workshop on Coupled Human-Earth System Solutions for Global Sustainability will be held  August 14 (Monday) at the 1101 Conference Hall in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University from 8:00 am to 8:00 p.m. To facilitate and promote collaboration among faculty on campus and scientists internationally, we plan to have the first CHESS workshop together with an international group from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Normal University.

We will start with a keynote speaking by Dr. Bojie Fu, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Distinguished Professor, then following with oral and poster sessions. We suggest all new CHESS Cluster hires will be able to give a mini-talk and all other CHESS faculty are invited to brief your work (no longer than 10 minutes).  Graduate students/faculty are also invited to give poster presentation during lunch and evening. Please let me know if you would like to give a talk. A detailed agenda will be developed.   


The scope of workshop is very broad, covering almost all topic areas of our CHESS Cluster. Below is a brief description for the workshop:   

To provide effective solutions to the most pressing global and regional environmental challenges such as climate change, air and water pollution will require adopting a coupled Climate-Human-Earth System perspective and engaging policy makers and the public. The purpose of this workshop is to examine how global environmental change has affected and will affect the ability of Earth’s ecosystems to provide people with essential goods and services including food, energy, and water. We intend to bring together scientists from different background to identify gaps and limitations in existing information and knowledge that need to be investigated in the future to improve our understanding, predicting, and reacting to changes in coupled human-earth systems across multi-scales from landscape to global. We also expect that collaborative research program and partnership among scientists as well as institutions would be established to promote Coupled Human-Earth System Solutions for Global Sustainability.