Associate Clinical Professor Dr. Tiffani Chidume was selected to participate in a research fellowship of the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL). The Research Fellowship is a twelve-month program designed to develop future leaders in simulation research.

The unique, web-based fellowship is comprised of monthly webinars with experts, extensive reading, and writing, with guidance on the best practices and processes of conducting simulation research. Fellows work on a research project, grant application, or research manuscript during the twelve-month period and are assigned an experienced mentor to guide them during the development of their project.

“I feel incredibly honored and fortunate to have been selected as an INACSL Research Fellow from such a competitive pool of applicants,” said Chidume. “This opportunity to participate in group sessions with esteemed peers and mentors, engage in interactive discussions led by prominent figures in simulation research, and receive guidance on my research projects is truly invaluable. I am grateful for the recognition of my work and excited to embark on this enriching fellowship experience with INACSL.”

According to Chidume, the research fellowship is significant for advancing knowledge in simulation education, allowing for sharing of cutting-edge ideas, collaboration, and mentorship from leaders. The interactive discussions which are specifically described as being "led by prominent figures in simulation research," suggest that the content will be at the forefront of advancing simulation education through research.

“The fellowship presents an invaluable opportunity for me to broaden the scope and impact of my simulation research. With the guidance and feedback from a dedicated mentor, I will be able to elevate the rigor and quality of my work, enabling me to advance to the next level as a researcher.

“Importantly, one of my key goals for this fellowship is to position myself for securing simulation-specific grants for AUCON. The insights and connections fostered through this program will be instrumental in identifying relevant funding opportunities and crafting compelling proposals that align with the latest advancements and priorities in the field. By leveraging the collective expertise of the cohort, I aim to develop innovative research projects that address critical gaps and contribute substantially to the growing body of knowledge in clinical simulation and learning. The INACSL Fellowship promises to be a transformative experience, equipping me with the necessary tools, networks, and guidance to expand the horizons of my simulation research while actively pursuing the financial support needed to execute high-impact studies that can shape the future of simulation education at AUCON.”

“The research fellowship is pivotal for the advancement of educational methods, patient safety, technological innovation, and professional development,” said Dr. Pao-Feng Tsai, associate dean for research at AUCON. “By fostering research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and leadership, the fellowship contributes significantly to improving practices and outcomes across the nursing fields that rely on simulation-based training and research.

“Simulation is an emerging trend in training essential skills and knowledge in nursing before students begin bedside practice. AUCON has one of the best simulation labs in Alabama. This fellowship award recognizes Dr. Chidume's excellence in simulation education and will provide mentorship support, enabling her to pursue future simulation research.”