Chris Martin, a 2012 graduate of Auburn’s nursing program, returned to his alma mater as a faculty member in 2019. He began his nursing career as a staff RN on the coronary care unit at Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham. After a short stint working in the post anesthesia care unit, Martin completed his master’s degree in nursing from Samford University in 2015, with a focus in healthcare management and leadership. He served as the director of nursing education and staff development at Grandview Medical Center, where he oversaw all nursing education functions. After he started teaching at Auburn, he completed his doctoral degree from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Martin chose the nursing profession because he wanted a career that allowed him to use his personality to positively impact people in need. "Nursing was the best career option to accommodate all those factors," he said.

After working a few years in a clinical setting, he decided to move to the academic field. “My nursing professors (some of whom are now my colleagues) made sure to highlight the positive aspects of my performance and continually encouraged me to see the overall learning experience. I still remember the impact and wanted to provide that same level of encouragement and support to the next generation of Auburn nurses,” he added.

Martin’s philosophy of nursing education is centered on the belief that his students are equal stakeholders in the learning process. As their instructor, he views his role is to engage and empower his students to become active participants in the learning process, and that of the student is to act as an effective contributor to the process of becoming a novice level nurse. “I want my students to learn that nursing is an equal merger of theoretical, practical, and interpersonal skills. A deficit in any one of those areas could result in a less than optimal clinical outcome.”

For his dedication to teaching, the entire class graduating in spring 2021 selected him as an outstanding teacher. Martin received the AU SGA Award for outstanding academic and professional achievement, and exemplary involvement inside and outside the classroom.

“Although Martin holds his students to a high standard, he gives them the resources and support to be successful,” Hunt said. “He was nominated because of his dedication to students. There are countless nursing alums who got their start in Martin’s class and attribute their attention to detail and work ethic to what he has taught them."

Martin co-hosts the Nurse Narrative podcast along with Meghan Jones and Andrea Smith. “As an alum of the Auburn Nursing program, I think AUCON has often been one of the best kept secrets on campus. Through the podcast, we work to tell the story of Auburn Nursing and the story of nursing in general. This kind of outreach is important so that the Auburn community can gain a better understanding of the nursing profession.”

Martin also serves in the uniformed services as an Assistant Nurse Officer in the United States Public Health Service Reserve Commissioned Corps.

Martin wears many hats in the College! He serves on the admission, progression, and graduation committee, is a member of the diversity and inclusion committee, and a faculty advisor to the Auburn Chapter of American Association for Men in Nursing. “My committee work focuses on providing the best experience possible for our students during their time in the college.”

In 2022, The Auburn Alumni Association recognized its inaugural ‘20 under 49’ young alumni who embody and demonstrate Auburn University values and spirit through their accomplishments and societal impacts in their everyday lives. Martin was one of 20 alumni recognized by the association.