We salute our faculty and staff of the Engaging Active Group Learning Environments in Simulation (EAGLES) program for their role in educating and preparing our students for their nursing careers.

Simulation education and training has come a long way since 1911 when Mrs. Martha Jenkins Chase designed “state of the art” mannequins with knees, hips, elbows and shoulders that helped nursing students learn basic skills. The mannequins that are in use now are realistic and have features that simulate blinking, chest rise and fall with each breath, and the ability to palpate pulses.

The 20,000 square-foot EAGLES Center includes skills lab and multiple simulation suites that recreate actual hospital, clinic and community settings. It supplements clinical training with hands-on education that mimics real-life scenarios. It combines healthcare technology with a theatrical flair to simulate the real-life drama of a hospital. The environment is made real by the availability of functioning headwalls, hospital beds, gurneys, birthing beds, infant warmers, IV pumps, mini-infusers, thermometers, oximeters, and a large variety of disposable supplies. Training on mannequins — across the lifespan including newborns, babies, child and adult — have helped reduce percentage of human errors in clinical settings. 

The EAGLES certified team of Dr. Amy Curtis, Dr. Tiffani Chidume, Meghan Jones, Karol Renfroe and Leora Wright and staff members Margot Fox, Rachel Elliott, Loren Lankford and Shawn Cooper kept our students on track despite the pandemic, scheduling classes and labs, observing all health protocols and keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We thank you for your contribution to AUSON's mission to advance health and healthcare for all, through excellence in practice, teaching, research and outreach.